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SoCal Avalanche and Hoosier Exterminators Triumph in Open Division Championships

Minneapolis, Minnesota – May 30, 2017 – SoCal Avalanche from Southern California and Hoosier Exterminators from the Hoosier Region have emerged as the victors in the Men’s Open and Women’s Open Divisions, respectively, at the USA Volleyball Open National Championships. The Sitting Division crown was claimed by The Eh Team from Canada. This prestigious event, now in its 88th year, features the highest level of competition for both men’s and women’s teams, and draws nearly 5,000 athletes from 464 teams across the country.

Men’s Open Division

SoCal Avalanche secured the Men’s Open Division title with a convincing victory over Team Pineapple from the Hoosier region. The team finished the tournament with a 7-2 record, bouncing back from a slow start in pool play to win their final six matches. SoCal Avalanche’s setter, Matt West, attributed their success to the team’s strong bond and mutual respect.

“It’s all about establishing a culture from the start,” West said. “Gaining respect is tough because it’s earned, not given. But when you establish trust and respect, you can overcome any obstacle. I had a great time playing with these guys.”

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Women’s Open Division

Hoosier Exterminators showed great resilience as they fought their way back from the loser’s bracket to claim the Women’s Open Division title. In the title match against Team Iowa Ice, Hoosier Exterminators secured a thrilling victory in the Golden Set, thanks to their early lead and unwavering performance. Tiana Dockery, the team’s leader and the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, praised her team’s strong connection and relaxed nature.

“This victory means a lot to us,” Dockery said. “All the girls came together, pushed hard, and connected really well. We wanted it, and our dancing on the court helped too.”

Hoosier Exterminators swept bronze medalist Team GEVA in the loser’s bracket final to advance to the title match.

Sitting Division

The Eh Team from Canada emerged victorious in the 10-team Sitting Division, which includes both able-bodied and disabled athletes. They defeated Team Florida All-Stars to claim the gold medal in a match that showcased their unbeaten record and exceptional skills. J Dee Marinko of The Eh Team was named the Most Valuable Player of the Sitting Division.

The USA Volleyball Open National Championships continue with 12 more division crowns yet to be determined. On May 31, the finals for Men’s and Women’s BB and B Divisions, Men’s 40s, Men’s 50s, Men’s 60s, Men’s 70s, Men’s 76s, Women’s 45s, Women’s 55s, and Women’s 65s will take place.

Sport Court is proud to be the official athletic flooring for the USA Volleyball Open National Championships.

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Q: How many teams are participating in the USA Volleyball Open National Championships?
A: This year’s competition features 464 teams and nearly 5,000 athletes.

Q: What is the Sitting Division?
A: The Sitting Division is a unique category that combines able-bodied athletes with disabled athletes to create an inclusive playing field.


In the 88th edition of the USA Volleyball Open National Championships, SoCal Avalanche and Hoosier Exterminators emerged as the champions in the Men’s Open and Women’s Open Divisions, respectively. The Eh Team claimed the crown in the Sitting Division. These teams showcased their exceptional skills, teamwork, and determination throughout the tournament. With many division finals yet to be determined, the USA Volleyball Open National Championships continue to be a thrilling and highly anticipated event for volleyball enthusiasts. To stay updated on the upcoming matches and results, visit the official website. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating volleyball action!