Monday, 27 May 2024

Six Volleyball Leaders to be Honored at Hall of Fame

USA Volleyball is excited to announce the upcoming Hall of Fame annual banquet and ceremony, where six outstanding volleyball leaders will be recognized for their contributions to the sport. This prestigious event will take place on May 22 at the Hilton Polaris in Columbus, Ohio.

Celebrating Volleyball Excellence

The ceremony aims to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the volleyball community. This year’s honorees include Jennifer Armson-Dyer, Doug Beal, Fred Buehler, Hugh McCutcheon, Kevin Twohig, and Kevin Wendelboe. These remarkable individuals have left an indelible mark on the sport, and their achievements deserve to be celebrated.

Supporting Olympic & Paralympic Dreams

The proceeds from the event will go to the USA Volleyball Foundation, which provides funding to support the Olympic and Paralympic dreams of athletes in USA Volleyball’s national team programs. By attending the ceremony and participating in sponsorship opportunities, attendees can contribute to the development of these talented athletes.

Recognizing Extraordinary Leadership

Each honoree will receive a distinguished award that recognizes their specific contributions to the sport:

  • Jennifer Armson-Dyer: Dr. Neville A. “Doc” Booth Commissioner’s Award
  • Doug Beal: James E. Coleman National Team Award
  • Fred Buehler: Wilbur H. “Wil” Peck Referee Emeritus Award
  • Hugh McCutcheon: Harry E. Wilson International Service Award
  • Kevin Twohig: Joseph B. Sharpless Arbitrator Service Award
  • Kevin Wendelboe: George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball Award
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Q: Who can attend the Hall of Fame annual banquet and ceremony?
A: The event is open to anyone who wants to celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional volleyball leaders.

Q: How can I purchase tickets for the ceremony?
A: Visit 2024 USA Volleyball Hall of Fame to purchase tickets and explore sponsorship opportunities.

Q: Will there be additional award winners announced?
A: Yes, USA Volleyball will be announcing the remaining 2024 award winners soon.


The USA Volleyball Hall of Fame annual banquet and ceremony is an opportunity to honor the remarkable individuals who have made lasting contributions to the sport. By attending the event and supporting the USA Volleyball Foundation, attendees can contribute to the Olympic and Paralympic dreams of talented athletes. Join us on May 22 to celebrate these outstanding volleyball leaders and their extraordinary achievements.