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Sitting Update: Women’s Team Showcases Exhibition Match

Sitting Volleyball

When it comes to sitting volleyball, many people are unaware of its existence. However, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team is working hard to change that. With a passion for the sport, these athletes are determined to spread awareness and share their love for sitting volleyball.

Introducing the Sport to New Fans

Recently, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball team had the opportunity to showcase their skills during an intrasquad scrimmage at the Tulsa Classic, a junior tournament hosted by Summit Nitro Volleyball. More than 300 fans were in attendance, eager to learn about this unique sport. The team not only played a scrimmage but also interacted with the fans, signing autographs and discussing the game.

U.S. Women's Sitting Team

Playing in front of youth volleyball players is a special experience for these athletes. Heather Erickson explains that it opens their eyes to a different sport and sparks excitement among the young fans. The impact of their performance is evident when fans discuss the sport on social media and continue to show interest even after the event.

Supporting the Sitting Teams

The event at the Tulsa Classic served as a fundraiser for USA Volleyball’s Sitting Teams program. Over the last three years, the junior teams’ tournament entry fees have raised approximately $5,000 each year. These funds are crucial in covering the basic operating costs and travel expenses for both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Sitting Teams.

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Embracing New Challenges

Playing in different environments and overcoming obstacles is a valuable experience for the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team. Nicky Nieves explains that each venue presents unique challenges, such as varying lighting conditions and court dimensions. These experiences prepare them for the unpredictability of big competitions where no two matches are the same.

Spreading Awareness and Igniting Interest

One of the main objectives of events like the Tulsa Classic is to spread awareness and generate interest in sitting volleyball. Bill Hamiter, the Director and Women’s Head Coach of the Sitting Teams Program, emphasizes that most people who are unfamiliar with sitting volleyball underestimate it until they witness the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the game.

Sitting Volleyball in Action

Training for Success

While events like the Tulsa Classic provide a break from their training routine, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team is fully committed to their ultimate goal – winning a Paralympic Games gold in Rio de Janeiro. They train rigorously at their headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma, meeting approximately every four weeks. These training blocks allow the team to fine-tune their game strategies and work towards achieving their Olympic dream.

Preparing for the World ParaVolley Intercontinental Cup

The World ParaVolley Intercontinental Cup in Hangzhou, China, is rapidly approaching. This tournament brings together top men’s and women’s sitting volleyball teams from around the world, including China and Bosnia Herzegovina, ranked No. 1 on the women’s and men’s sides, respectively. While the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Sitting Teams have already secured their spots in the Rio games, they will aim to earn points that will impact their seeding in the Paralympics.

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Advancing Game Strategies

As the Women’s Sitting Team prepares for the World ParaVolley Intercontinental Cup, they are focused on perfecting a new offensive strategy. Head Coach Bill Hamiter believes this strategy will give the team an edge during the tournament. The U.S. Men’s National Sitting Team has also joined in the training sessions, enhancing the competitiveness and allowing the women to work on rotations and clear up any uncertainties.


  • What is sitting volleyball?
    Sitting volleyball is a Paralympic sport played by athletes with physical impairments, mainly involving the lower limbs. It follows the same rules as traditional volleyball but with adjustments to accommodate the seated players.

  • How can I get involved in sitting volleyball?
    If you are interested in participating in sitting volleyball, you can reach out to local sports organizations or adaptive sports programs in your area. They may offer training sessions and opportunities to join teams.

  • Are there international competitions for sitting volleyball?
    Yes, sitting volleyball has a strong international presence. The World ParaVolley Intercontinental Cup and the Paralympic Games are two major tournaments where the best teams from around the world compete.


The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team’s exhibition match at the Tulsa Classic was a resounding success in terms of raising awareness and showcasing the sport of sitting volleyball. With their commitment, passion, and continuous training, these athletes are not only inspiring others but also working towards achieving their dreams of success in the Paralympic Games. To learn more about sitting volleyball and support these incredible athletes, visit Alpinetgheep.

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