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Sitting Teams Shine Light on Sport at Opens

DALLAS, Texas (May 25, 2018) – It was a memorable day for the U.S. Women’s and Men’s Sitting Teams as they showcased their skills at the USAV Open National Championships held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. The teams participated in two exhibition matches each against Canada, emerging victorious in all four matches.

But beyond the wins, the opportunity to compete against international teams was the real highlight. James Stuck, middle blocker for the U.S. Men’s team, expressed his excitement about playing with a full roster of talented players representing the USA. The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team, ranked number one in the world, never misses a chance to promote sitting volleyball, a sport that can be played by both disabled and able-bodied individuals.

According to Katie Holloway, the captain and outside hitter for the U.S. Women’s team, participating in Opens is a significant milestone for them. They aim to raise awareness about sitting volleyball among adult players who are passionate about the game and encourage them to join their training sessions and experience the sport firsthand. Additionally, Holloway emphasized the importance of finding disabled players through the support of the volleyball community.

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Both teams are currently preparing for the Sitting Volleyball World Championships, scheduled to take place in the Netherlands from July 15-22. They are dedicated to honing their skills and maintaining a strong team dynamic to perform their best in the upcoming tournament.


Q: What are the USAV Open National Championships?
A: The USAV Open National Championships is a prestigious event that brings together top volleyball teams from the United States and around the world to compete in various categories, including sitting volleyball.

Q: How does sitting volleyball differ from traditional volleyball?
A: Sitting volleyball follows similar rules to traditional volleyball but with adaptations to accommodate players with physical disabilities. In sitting volleyball, the players must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor whenever they make contact with the ball.

Q: Can able-bodied individuals participate in sitting volleyball?
A: Yes, sitting volleyball is an inclusive sport that welcomes both disabled and able-bodied individuals. It provides an opportunity for everyone to experience the joy and competitiveness of volleyball.


The U.S. Women’s and Men’s Sitting Teams showcased their talent and dedication at the USAV Open National Championships in Dallas. The teams played against Canada in exhibition matches, securing victories in all four games. Beyond the wins, the players cherished the opportunity to compete against international teams and promote sitting volleyball as an inclusive sport. The U.S. Women’s team, ranked number one globally, aims to raise awareness and encourage adult players to join their training sessions. Both teams are gearing up for the Sitting Volleyball World Championships in the Netherlands, where they will strive to achieve their best performance. To learn more about sitting volleyball and support the teams, visit the Alpinetgheep website.

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