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U.S. Women’s Sitting Team Triumphs Over China in a Rematch

U.S. Women's Sitting Team Victory

The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team emerged victorious in a thrilling match against host China in Hangzhou. This rematch of the 2016 Paralympic gold medal match showcased the team’s exceptional skills and perseverance. Let’s dive into the highlights of this remarkable victory!

Dominant Performance by Team USA

The United States (2-0) exhibited their prowess with a commanding performance, overpowering China (0-2) with 40 kills to China’s 21. Aces were also in favor of the U.S., leading 15-6. The team’s Head Coach, Bill Hamiter, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s overall performance, praising their energy and execution throughout the match. Despite missing two starters, the younger players stepped up admirably, showcasing their potential to become future stars.

Star Performers

Heather Erickson, the 2016 Paralympic MVP, emerged as the leading scorer, contributing 20 points with 19 kills and one ace. Nicky Nieves added 14 points, including seven kills, three blocks, and four aces. Tia Edwards made her mark with a match-high six aces. These outstanding performances were instrumental in securing the victory for Team USA.

Heather Erickson in Action

Newcomer Whitney Dosty, who had the opportunity to play against China as a substitute, expressed her delight at the experience. Competing in her first international tournament with the team, Dosty highlighted the value of playing alongside her talented teammates and competing against top international teams.

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The Rising of a New Rivalry

China’s sitting team had long been Team USA’s closest competitor, and they held the world No. 1 ranking until their loss in the gold medal match in Rio de Janeiro. With this victory, Team USA now claims the top spot in the world rankings, marking the rise of a new rivalry in the sitting volleyball arena.

U.S. Starters vs China

  • Outside hitter: Monique Burkland and Lexi Shifflett
  • Middle blockers: Nicky Nieves and Tia Edwards
  • Opposite: Heather Erickson
  • Setter: Kaleo (Kanahele) Maclay
  • Libero: Bethany Zummo

U.S. Statistics vs China

  • Kills: Heather Erickson 19, Monique Burkland 8, Nicky Nieves 7, Kaleo (Kanahele) Maclay 2, Lexi Shifflett 3
  • Blocks: Nieves 3, Shifflett 1, Burkland 1, Maclay 1, Edwards 1
  • Aces: Edwards 6, Nieves 4, Burkland 2, Shifflett 1, Erickson 1, Maclay 1

Meet the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team

  • No. – Name (Position, Height, Hometown)
  • 2 – Bethany Zummo (L, 5-2, Dublin, Calif.)
  • 3 – Alexis Shifflett (S, 5-4, Waseca, Minn.)
  • 6 – Heather Erickson (OH, 5-11, Fayetteville, N.C.)
  • 7 – Monique Burkland (OH, 5-9, Ardmore, Okla.)
  • 8 – Whitney Dosty (OH, 6-3, Tucson, Ariz.)
  • 10 – Kari Miller (L, 5-6, Washington D.C.)
  • 14 – Kaleo Kanahele Maclay (S, 5-6, Edmond, Okla.)
  • 16 – Nicky Nieves (MB, 5-10, Kissimmee, Fla.)
  • 17 – Tia Edwards (OH, 5-7, Skiatook, Okla.)
  • 18 – Courtney Baker (OPP, 5-8, Crofton, Ken.)


Q: Who was the top scorer in the match?
A: Heather Erickson emerged as the top scorer, showcasing her exceptional skills with 19 kills and one ace.

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Q: How did the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team perform overall?
A: The team demonstrated remarkable energy and execution, with standout performances from younger players who stepped up in the absence of two starters.

Q: Who led in aces for Team USA?
A: Tia Edwards displayed exceptional serving skills, leading the team with six aces.


In this exhilarating rematch against China, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team showcased their dominance and determination. With their exceptional performance and talented lineup, the team emerged victorious, solidifying the rise of a new rivalry in the sitting volleyball arena. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches as Team USA continues their journey in the tournament.

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