Thursday, 23 May 2024

Seven Division Champions Crowned at HPCs

The 2018 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships concluded at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa with seven division champions emerging victorious. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights from this exciting event.


In the Women’s International Junior division, the USA Junior A1 Red team triumphed over the USA Junior A1 White team in the thrilling final championship match. Setter Mia Tuaniga’s outstanding performance earned her the title of the division’s tournament MVP. Tuaniga expressed her gratitude to her team for their support and spoke of her aspirations to play Olympic volleyball for the USA.

Head Coach Flavia Siqueira of Florida’s Aloha team secured her fifth consecutive Girls National Select HP title. In a challenging match against Aloha, Siqueira’s team displayed remarkable resilience, coming back from being down two sets to win the match. Siqueira attributed the success to a change in strategy, emphasizing the team’s adaptability throughout the tournament.


Iowa’s Boys Regional team showcased their remarkable growth in the HP program. After a difficult start four years ago, where they didn’t win a single match, the team went on to clinch the Boys Regional title. Max Roquet, a player on the team, described their journey and expressed their joy at winning their first HP championship.

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The Southern California Boys International team secured their first-ever championship title after finishing as runners-up in 2017. Led by Alex Knight, the team displayed exceptional skills and teamwork throughout the tournament. Knight, who overcame a previous ankle injury, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play with his teammates and the rewarding experience it has been.


Aloha had a fantastic performance in both the Boys International and Girls National Youth divisions. While they fell short in the Boys International final against Southern California, they claimed victory in the Girls National Youth division against Old Dominion. Aloha captain Aysia Miller attributed their success to trust, teamwork, and a determined mindset.

The High Performance Championships is a crucial step in USA Volleyball’s Path to the Podium, providing a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills and potentially represent their country internationally. The event serves as a crucial development opportunity for athletes, coaches, and officials with the highest skill level and potential.