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Seven Champions Crowned in 15s at 2023 GJNC

USA Volleyball recently concluded the Girls Junior National Championship 14-17, crowning seven champions in the 15 division. As this premier junior girls club tournament, the GJNC attracts college scouts from around the country. Let’s take a closer look at the winners and their remarkable achievements.

Skyline 15 Royal Claims the 15 Open Title

In an impressive display of resilience, Skyline 15 Royal from North Texas, Dallas, battled back after losing their first set against AP 15 adidas (Lone Star). Skyline went on to win the first match and secured victory in the 15 Open final against Mintonette Sports m.51 (Ohio Valley). Led by MVP Keoni Williams, Skyline’s remarkable journey and hard-fought triumph left the team elated.

Milwaukee Sting 15 Gold Clinches the 15 National Title

Undefeated throughout the tournament, Milwaukee Sting 15 Gold from Badger dominated the competition and emerged as the champions in the 15 National division. Led by Marlee Sivak, the team’s exceptional performance was a testament to their resilience and unwavering support for each other.

A5 15-2 Victor Proves Victorious in the 15 USA Category

A5 15-2 Victor from the Southern Region overcame several challenges on their path to victory in the 15 USA division. Despite facing adversity, the team displayed outstanding determination, winning four consecutive matches to claim the championship. Their final showdown against Actyve 15-Black JD (Southern California) was a thrilling three-set battle that culminated in their well-deserved victory.

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Ozark Juniors 15 Elite Triumphs in the 15 Liberty Division

Ozark Juniors 15 Elite from the Delta region bounced back after losing in the bracket play to secure the 15 Liberty title. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they overcame Tampa North 15 Black (Florida) in the final match. The team’s elation was evident as they celebrated their dream come true.

Pipeline 15-Magic Emerges as Champions in the 15 American Division

Pipeline 15-Magic from Southern California showcased their determination and resilience throughout the tournament. Their victory in the 15 American division came after intense matches, including a thrilling final against TI Elite 15 1 (Hoosier). This remarkable triumph was a testament to the team’s perseverance and skill.

Bakersfield 15-Judy Claims Victory in the 15 Freedom Division

Bakersfield 15-Judy from Southern California stood tall as undefeated champions in the 15 Freedom division. With an impressive record of 11-0 and an unwavering spirit, the team showcased their dominance with a resounding victory over Texas Fury 15 Legacy (Lone Star).

SynergyForce 15 Lisa Triumphs in the 15 Patriot Division

In a clash of titans, SynergyForce 15 Lisa from Northern California faced off against H Skyline 15 Black (Lone Star) in the gold-medal match of the 15 Patriot division. Undefeated throughout the tournament, SynergyForce displayed their mastery on the court, claiming victory in two sets.

The Girls Junior National Championship 14-17 showcased the incredible talent and dedication of these young athletes. Each team’s journey was filled with ups and downs, but their determination and teamwork ultimately led them to glory.

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Q: How many teams participated in the Girls Junior National Championship 14-17?
A: This year, a record-breaking 1,368 teams registered for the tournament across the 14-17 age divisions.

Q: Were there any other age groups competing in the championship?
A: Yes, the championship had separate tournament days for the 14 and 15 age groups, with additional days scheduled for the 16 and 17 divisions.

Q: Did any teams go undefeated in their respective divisions?
A: Yes, Milwaukee Sting 15 Gold in the 15 National division and Bakersfield 15-Judy in the 15 Freedom division both achieved undefeated records throughout the tournament.


The Girls Junior National Championship 14-17 provided an incredible display of talent, dedication, and passion for the sport of volleyball. Congratulations to all the teams who competed and a special applause to the seven champions of the 15 division. Their remarkable performances have left a lasting impression on volleyball enthusiasts and college scouts alike.