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Ross and Walsh Jennings Dominate Pool Play at the Olympics

Ross and Walsh Jennings

Ross and Walsh Jennings are showing no signs of slowing down at the Olympics. After an intense three-set match against Switzerland, they secured a 3-0 victory in their pool. Now, they eagerly await the drawing for the bracket play that begins on August 12th.

A Thrilling Match Against Switzerland

In their third pool play match, Ross and Walsh Jennings faced off against Switzerland’s Isabelle Forrer and Anouk Verge-Depre. The American duo started strong, taking an early 8-2 lead and dominating the first set with a 21-13 score. However, Switzerland fought back in the second set, leading to a nail-biting tie at 20-20 before ultimately winning 24-22.

Despite the setback, Ross and Walsh Jennings quickly regrouped in the third set. They showcased their resilience, overcoming an early 4-3 deficit and ultimately securing a 15-12 victory. The crowd rallied behind the American team, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Looking Ahead to Bracket Play

With their pool play triumph, Ross and Walsh Jennings now face one of the top two third-ranked teams in pool play in the next round. They are positioned on the same side of the bracket as Louise Bawden and Taliqua Clancy from Australia, as well as Elsa Baquerizo and Liliana Fernandez from Spain. Ross and Walsh Jennings have a perfect 7-0 record against these teams, giving them the confidence to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

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Gibb and Patterson’s Olympic Run Ends

Unfortunately, it was not all smooth sailing for Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson. They suffered a loss to Spain in a hard-fought match, resulting in them finishing 1-2 in their pool. The defeat by point differential eliminated them from the competition, leaving them tied for 19th place.


Q: How did Ross and Walsh Jennings perform in their pool play matches?
A: Ross and Walsh Jennings won all three of their pool play matches, securing a 3-0 record.

Q: Who will Ross and Walsh Jennings face in the next round?
A: Ross and Walsh Jennings will compete against one of the top two third-ranked teams from pool play.

Q: What happened to Gibb and Patterson in their match against Spain?
A: Gibb and Patterson put up a valiant fight but were ultimately defeated by Spain, resulting in their elimination from the competition.


Ross and Walsh Jennings continue to impress at the Olympics, dominating their pool play matches. Their determination and skill have earned them a spot in the bracket play, where they will face tough competition. While Gibb and Patterson’s journey has come to an end, they can be proud of their performance and the effort they put into each match. The Olympic beach volleyball competition continues to captivate fans worldwide, showcasing the incredible talent and athleticism of these remarkable athletes.

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