Friday, 17 May 2024

Ross and Walsh Jennings Take Silver in Vitoria

The recent Vitoria Open saw a captivating performance by the renowned duo of Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross. Although their impressive 13-0 win streak came to an end, their silver medal finish against Brazil adds another highlight to their remarkable career.

The Match:

Facing Brazil’s second-ranked women’s team, Larissa Maestrini and Talita Antunes, Ross and Walsh Jennings had a challenging matchup ahead. Despite a commendable effort, they were unable to secure the win and fell short with a score of 22-20, 21-19.

American Presence:

The Vitoria Open showcased the strength of American teams, with a total of seven teams finishing in the top 25. Jennifer Fopma and Brittany Hochevar, along with Jennifer Kessy and Emily Day, achieved a commendable ninth place. Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson also finished ninth, marking the highest finish for a U.S. men’s team in the tournament.

Ross and Walsh Jennings’ Journey:

Prior to the final, Ross and Walsh Jennings put on an impressive display throughout the tournament. They swept their pool and defeated their American counterparts, Hochevar and Fopma, in the second round. In the quarterfinals, they triumphed over Brazil’s Maria Antonelli and Liliane Maestrini in a thrilling three-set match. The semifinals saw them dominate Germany’s Katrin Holtwick and Ilka Semmler, setting the stage for the highly anticipated final.

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The Final:

The first set of the final looked promising for Ross and Walsh Jennings as they built a solid lead, but Brazil turned the tide with a five-point run, ultimately securing the set 22-20. In the second set, Ross and Walsh Jennings fought back and took control with a score of 19-18. However, Brazil proved resilient and closed out the set 21-19.

Reflections and Opportunities:

Despite the loss, both Ross and Walsh Jennings remain determined and optimistic. Walsh Jennings acknowledged the missed opportunities and emphasized the importance of taking advantage of crucial moments in a match. With their extensive experience and track record against Brazilian teams, there is still a chance for a medal matchup at the Games.

Looking Ahead:

The FIVB World Tour continues with the men-only Doha Open from April 4-8, followed by the dual-gendered Xiamen Open beginning April 12. These upcoming events will provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their skills and continue their pursuit of Olympic qualification.


Q: How did Ross and Walsh Jennings perform in the Vitoria Open?
A: Ross and Walsh Jennings earned a silver medal in the Vitoria Open after an impressive performance throughout the tournament.

Q: How many American teams finished in the top 25 in the Vitoria Open?
A: A total of seven American teams finished in the top 25 in the Vitoria Open.

Q: Will Ross and Walsh Jennings have another chance for a medal matchup at the Games?
A: Despite their loss in the Vitoria Open, Ross and Walsh Jennings’ track record against Brazilian teams leaves open the possibility of a medal matchup at the Games.

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Ross and Walsh Jennings showcased their skills in the Vitoria Open, earning a silver medal despite their 13-0 win streak coming to an end. The tournament also highlighted the strength of American teams, with seven teams finishing in the top 25. Ross and Walsh Jennings’ journey in the tournament was marked by impressive victories and a competitive final against Brazil. Looking ahead, the FIVB World Tour continues with exciting events that offer more opportunities for teams to qualify for the Olympics.