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Robinson Launches Website Blending Her Passions

COLORADAO SPRINGS, Colo. (Jan. 14, 2018)Kelsey Robinson (Manhattan Beach, California), a 2016 Olympic bronze medalist in indoor volleyball, is a talented athlete who has recently launched her website This website beautifully combines her love for volleyball, travel, food, and cooking.

As a volleyball player, Kelsey Robinson finds herself constantly traveling the world. She embraces the unique opportunities her sport provides, allowing her to explore new places and experience different cultures. From enjoying delicious ravioli and gnocchi in the small towns of Italy to discovering secret beaches and savoring fried plantains in Puerto Rico, Kelsey believes in the importance of broadening her horizons, learning from diverse cultures, and ticking off items from her bucket list.

Kelsey’s passion for travel and food developed at a young age, influenced by her family’s love for exploring new destinations. Instead of watching MTV, she found herself glued to the Travel Channel’s Great Hotels with Samantha Brown, where she discovered the irresistible combination of travel and culinary experiences.

“Alongside my love for travel, I also developed a passion for cooking,” says Kelsey. “Being able to try different foods around the world has inspired me to create my own culinary masterpieces. I take pleasure in crafting dishes that not only taste amazing but also support my health and enhance my performance on the volleyball court.”

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Kelsey was motivated to create her website, Nom and Play, based on the numerous requests she received from teammates and friends seeking travel recommendations. Sharing her experiences and seeing others benefit from her suggestions brought her immense joy. One particular incident during a trip to Tuscany became the catalyst for starting her website. After posting a few pictures of her travels, a fellow travel enthusiast reached out for advice on the places she had visited. Kelsey eagerly shared her tips, and her friend and her spouse had an incredible time, which they gratefully shared with her. This experience served as a major motivation for Kelsey to continue sharing her travel adventures and recommendations with everyone.

Nom and Play is divided into sections for travel, food, lifestyle, and media about Kelsey Robinson. The travel section features the “24 Hour Series,” where Kelsey recounts her short ventures lasting a day, as well as cities she has visited categorized by continent and other helpful travel tips. In the food section, Kelsey shares her favorite brunch, dinner, snack, and sweet recipes, along with recommendations for restaurants she loves.

Furthermore, Nom and Play offers a Lifestyle section where Kelsey shares her insights on various topics, such as self-care in the new year, nutritional stocking stuffers, and a letter to aspiring athletes.

Kelsey joined the U.S. Women’s National Team in 2014 after completing her senior season at the University of Nebraska. She has achieved remarkable success as an athlete, including winning an Olympic bronze medal in 2016 and being part of Team USA’s gold-medal-winning FIVB World Championship team in 2014.

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Q: What inspired Kelsey Robinson to create the website Nom and Play?

A: Kelsey’s teammates and friends often reached out to her for travel recommendations, and she found immense joy in providing helpful tips and seeing them enjoy their trips. One particular incident where a friend used her suggestions and had a wonderful time motivated Kelsey to continue sharing her experiences and recommendations with everyone.

Q: What sections can be found on the Nom and Play website?

A: The Nom and Play website is divided into sections for travel, food, lifestyle, and media about Kelsey Robinson. The travel section includes the “24 Hour Series,” where Kelsey shares her one-day adventures and provides travel tips categorized by continent. In the food section, Kelsey shares her favorite recipes for brunch, dinner, snacks, and sweets, as well as restaurant recommendations. The Lifestyle section covers various topics, including self-care, nutrition, and advice for aspiring athletes.


Kelsey Robinson, an Olympic bronze medalist in indoor volleyball, has recently launched her website, Nom and Play. Combining her passions for volleyball, travel, food, and cooking, Kelsey aims to inspire others to explore the world, indulge in delicious cuisines, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. On Nom and Play, visitors will find travel recommendations, mouthwatering recipes, and insights on various aspects of life. Kelsey’s website is a treasure trove of information and experiences that will ignite your wanderlust and culinary creativity. So, join Kelsey Robinson on her journey through Nom and Play and unlock a world of adventure and flavors.

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