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RISE: Elevating the Standards of USA Volleyball Officials

The world of volleyball officiating is evolving, and so is the evaluation process. In 2019, the USA Volleyball Officials Development Department introduced a new program called RISE during the Girls 18s Junior National Championships. This program, spearheaded by a team of experienced coaches and mentors from across the nation, aims to provide courtside mentoring-style feedback to elevate the quality of officiating.

The RISE Evaluation Form

To ensure consistency and improvement in officiating techniques and procedures, a new evaluation form called RISE was created. This form, which will be posted on VRT for the upcoming 2020 season, is divided into four sections, each representing a letter in the RISE acronym.

  • Reflect: This section encourages officials to reflect on events or situations from the match where philosophical and preferred techniques can be considered during the debrief. The insights gained here can be applied in future matches to enhance overall performance.

  • Implement: In this section, officials are evaluated on their professionalism, knowledge of the rules, and their ability to control the match. It focuses on how well officials implement their skills in conducting the match, ensuring a smooth and fair game.

  • Set Goals: Officiating is a continuous learning process, and setting goals is crucial for growth. This section helps officials identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement, allowing them to progress in their officiating journey.

  • Evaluate: The final section employs a five-point rating scale, ranging from Insufficient to Outstanding. As national-level officials, the expected standard for all evaluated categories here is “Good.” The scale may move to either side depending on an official’s performance in a particular match.

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The RISE Team’s Mission

The RISE team is dedicated to supporting national-level officials in their quest to be the best they can be. By providing constructive feedback and offering suggestions for improvement, they strive to enhance the overall performance of officials.

Moving away from the old method of assigning a “Strength Rating” to officials, the Officials Development Department now focuses on the individual’s unique experiences and skills. They aim to place officials in situations where they can succeed and excel in various championships.

Inspiring Excellence and Mentorship

As a national-level official, you are a role model for other officials in your region who are aspiring to advance their skills. It is essential to embrace the mentoring-style philosophy and apply it to your interactions with and recruitment of new officials. Together, we can elevate the quality and quantity of volleyball officials across the nation.

Remember the words of R. Ingersoll, “We Rise By Lifting Others.” Let’s work together to lift the standards of USA Volleyball officiating.


  • What is RISE?
    RISE is a re-envisioned evaluation program introduced by the USA Volleyball Officials Development Department. It focuses on providing courtside mentoring-style feedback to enhance the quality of officiating and consistency of techniques and procedures.

  • Who is involved in the RISE program?
    The RISE team consists of experienced coaches and mentors from different parts of the nation. They are committed to supporting national-level officials and helping them reach their full potential.


The RISE evaluation program is set to revolutionize the way officials are evaluated in USA Volleyball. By reflecting, implementing, setting goals, and evaluating, officials can continuously improve their skills and contribute to the high standards of officiating. Let’s embrace this program, lift each other up, and take USA Volleyball officiating to new heights.

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For more information on USA Volleyball officiating and the RISE program, visit Alpinetgheep.