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Promising Standouts Headline U.S. Women’s Pan Am Cup Roster

The U.S. Women’s National Team has announced its 14-player roster for the upcoming Pan American Cup, which will be held in Peru from June 17-25. This year marks the 16th edition of the tournament, in which teams from NORCECA and South America compete for the title.

The American team has shown great promise in recent years, winning the Pan Am Cup three times in the past five years. This success has come with a younger roster, as the team aims to gain valuable international experience. The tournament features two six-team preliminary round pools that will play a full round-robin schedule.

The U.S. team is looking to secure their fifth Pan Am Cup title, aiming to break the tie with Cuba and the Dominican Republic, who have also won four titles each in the previous 15 editions of the event. The Dominican Republic has been particularly successful, winning two of the last three tournaments.

The American squad for the Pan Am Cup consists of a well-rounded group of players. The team includes two setters, two liberos, two opposites, five outside hitters, and four middles. The setters on the roster are Micha Hancock from Edmond, Oklahoma, and Lauren Carlini from Aurora, Illinois. The liberos are Amanda Benson from Litchfield Park, Arizona, and Justine Wong-Orantes from Cypress, California. The opposites are Annie Drews from Elkhart, Indiana, and Liz McMahon from Liberty Township, Ohio.

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The team’s outside hitters for the Pan Am Cup include Michelle Bartsch-Hackley from Maryville, Illinois, Megan Courtney from Dayton, Ohio, Madi Kingdon from Phoenix, Arizona, and Sonja Newcombe from Lake Arrowhead, California. The team’s middles are Rhamat Alhassan from Glenarden, Maryland, Molly McCage from Texas, Paige Tapp from Stewartville, Minnesota, and Amber Rolfzen from Papillion, Nebraska. Six of these players, including Carlini, Hancock, Courtney, Kingdon, Alhassan, and Wong-Orantes, have competed in the Pan Am Cup before, helping the team secure a bronze medal in 2016.

The U.S. team is placed in Group A for the tournament and will face Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Argentina in the preliminary round matches. Group B includes Canada, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago. After the preliminary round, the top teams from each group will advance to the semifinals, which will be held on June 24. The tournament concludes on June 25 with the medal-round matches and other classification matches.

The roster for the Pan Am Cup showcases a mix of young talent and experienced athletes. While some players have limited international experience, others have been with the team for a few years but haven’t cracked the most elite tournament rosters. This competition provides them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and gain valuable playing time. The younger players on the team have the potential to play key roles in the future, just as players like Kim Hill, Kelly Murphy, and Rachael Adams did after joining the team in 2013.

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Head Coach Karch Kiraly is excited about the possibilities that this talented team can bring. He acknowledges that they have a wide variety of players with different strengths and skills. Kiraly hopes to see all of them perform at their best and make the selection process difficult when the team’s veterans return to the gym.

In a recent friendly match against Canada, the U.S. team displayed some positive performances. The team won the match 3-0 and even played a bonus fourth set, which they also won. Kiraly is pleased with the progress the team has made during the training block leading up to the tournament. He acknowledges that there is still room for improvement, especially in serving, but overall, he is optimistic about the team’s chances.

With a talented roster and a mix of experienced and young players, the U.S. Women’s National Team is poised to make a strong impression at the Pan American Cup. Fans can expect thrilling matches as the team competes against some of the best teams from the Americas. Stay tuned for updates and results from this exciting tournament.


Q: Who is the head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team for the Pan Am Cup?

A: The head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team for the Pan Am Cup is Karch Kiraly.

Q: Which countries are part of Group A in the Pan Am Cup?

A: The countries in Group A for the Pan Am Cup are Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Argentina.

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The U.S. Women’s National Team has announced its roster for the upcoming Pan American Cup in Peru. The team, led by head coach Karch Kiraly, includes a mix of experienced players and promising newcomers. The Pan Am Cup, now in its 16th year, brings together teams from NORCECA and South America to compete for the title. The U.S. team has had success in recent years, winning the tournament three times in the past five years. With a strong roster and a focus on gaining international experience, the team is poised for success in this year’s competition. Fans can look forward to thrilling matches and the opportunity to see the future stars of women’s volleyball in action.