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Previewing USAV Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships

The USA Volleyball Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships (GJNC18s) is an exciting event that brings together 260 teams and approximately 2,600 athletes. This year, they will compete for one of the five titles from April 21-23 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas.

A Standalone Championship

The 18-and-under age group event is now in its second year as a standalone championship, separate from the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships. This change allows for a more focused competition specifically for the 18s age group. The Girls Junior National Championships will still take place later this summer in Minneapolis, catering to age groups from 11-and-under to 17-and-under.

Divisions and Qualification

Different divisions have been created to ensure fair competition and provide opportunities for teams to qualify. The premier 18 Open Division consists of 36 teams that earned their spots through 16 national qualifiers held across the country since early January. The 18 USA and 18 American Divisions have 48 and 64 teams, respectively, that qualified through national qualifier tournaments.

The 18 National Division has a 48-team field, determined by results from USA Volleyball’s Regional Volleyball Association championship events, at-large bids, and re-allocation spots. The 18 Patriot Division, on the other hand, has a 64-team field for clubs who opted for a season-ending tournament without the need to qualify.

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Competitive Winners

The 18 Open Division saw 12 different winners at the 16 national qualifying events. Notably, four teams emerged victorious in two tournaments each. Sky High-Adidas 18 Black from the Great Lakes Region won the Girls’ Winter Volleyball Championship and the Colorado Crossroads. Top Select 18 Elite Blake from the Florida Region claimed victory at both the Ohio Valley 18s Qualifier and Mideast Qualifier. Skyline 18 Royal from the North Texas Region triumphed at NEQ and the Pacific Northwest Qualifier. Finally, A4 Volley 18 Purple from the Southern California Region secured wins at the Golden State National Qualifier and the SCVA Junior National Qualifier 18s.

Defending Champions

Minnesota Select Volleyball Club from the North Country Region, the defending 18 Open champions, will be seeking to defend their title. Other defending champions include Houston Juniors from the Lone Star Region in the 18 USA Division, Mavericks 900 18 Black from the Southern California Region in the 18 National Division, and Michio Chicago Volleyball Academy from the Great Lakes Region in the 18 Patriot Division. The 18 American Division, previously played at the GJNC event, has also been included in the GJNC18 event this year. Xcel 18X Select from the Chesapeake Region clinched the 18 American Division in 2016.

Social Media Engagement

Players and families are encouraged to share their tournament experiences on social media using the hashtag #GJNC18. USA Volleyball will be actively posting content on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat platforms under the handle @USAVolleyball.

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Q: How many teams participate in the USAV Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships?
A: A total of 260 teams participate in the championships, comprising approximately 2,600 athletes.

Q: What divisions are there in the championships?
A: The championships include the 18 Open, 18 USA, 18 American, 18 National, and 18 Patriot divisions.

Q: How do teams qualify for the championships?
A: Teams qualify through national qualifier tournaments, regional events, at-large bids, and re-allocation spots.

Q: Who are the defending champions in each division?
A: The defending champions are Minnesota Select Volleyball Club (18 Open), Houston Juniors (18 USA), Mavericks 900 18 Black (18 National), and Michio Chicago Volleyball Academy (18 Patriot).


The USAV Girls’ 18s Junior National Championships is an exciting event that brings together top teams and athletes in the 18-and-under age group. With divisions for different skill levels and qualification routes, teams have the opportunity to compete for the coveted titles. Follow the action on social media by using the hashtag #GJNC18. Don’t miss out on the thrilling moments and impressive performances at this year’s championships. Visit the Alpinetgheep website for more information.