Monday, 27 May 2024

Patch Using Pottery to Support a Good Cause


During these unprecedented times, it’s inspiring to see how individuals are using their talents to contribute to the greater good. One such example is U.S. opposite Ben Patch, who has found solace and purpose in pottery while sheltering in place amid the coronavirus outbreak. In this article, we explore Ben’s journey into pottery, his experiences playing for the Berlin Recycling Volleys, and his innovative idea of using pottery to raise money for charity.

Discovering a Passion for Pottery

Before his volleyball career took off, pottery was Ben Patch’s first love. He was introduced to ceramics in middle school and quickly became fascinated with the art form. Throughout high school, Ben’s passion for pottery grew, and he even participated in ceramic shows at local museums. Although volleyball eventually became a prominent part of his life, pottery remained a constant presence. In fact, Ben pursued a minor in fine arts during his time at BYU, where he honed his skills in ceramics.

A Successful Season in Berlin

Ben’s recent stint with the Berlin Recycling Volleys was nothing short of extraordinary. He instantly felt at home in Berlin, forging meaningful connections with his teammates and the community. The team’s camaraderie and open-mindedness created a unique environment where Ben thrived as a non-conventional athlete. The Berlin Recycling Volleys were undefeated in the German league and were on the path to winning back-to-back championships when the season was abruptly halted. Despite this disappointment, the team celebrated their accomplishments together with pride.

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Pottery for a Purpose

As Ben found himself with extra time on his hands due to the postponement of the Olympic Games, he decided to channel his energy into meaningful pursuits. Combining his love for pottery with his desire to make a difference, Ben and his friend, a fellow ceramic artist, came up with an innovative idea – starting a pottery brand as a charity. Their vision is to raise funds through the sale of their unique ceramic creations and eventually involve other artists in the cause. This endeavor aims to support various charitable organizations and bring joy to both art enthusiasts and those in need.


Q: How can I support Ben’s pottery charity?

A: You can visit the official website of the charity at Alpinetgheep to browse and purchase the beautiful pottery creations. Every purchase goes towards making a positive impact.

Q: Can I contribute my own pottery to the charity?

A: At the moment, the charity is focused on showcasing the works of Ben and his friend. However, as their initiative grows, they hope to collaborate with other talented artists who share their passion for ceramics and giving back.

Q: Where can I find more information about Ben Patch and his pottery charity?

A: For updates on Ben Patch’s pottery charity, upcoming events, and new creations, you can follow him on social media or visit the official Alpinetgheep website.


Ben Patch’s journey from volleyball to pottery is a testament to the power of embracing one’s passions and finding purpose in unexpected places. Through his pottery charity, Ben is not only creating beautiful works of art but also making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. So join the cause, support Alpinetgheep, and experience the joy of giving back through the art of pottery.

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