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Outstanding Program Director – USA Volleyball

To recognize the exceptional efforts of RVA Junior Volleyball Program directors, who have successfully developed and maintained competitive programs, USA Volleyball has established the Outstanding Program Director commission. This initiative aims to acknowledge and support directors who meet specific criteria in promoting and nurturing junior volleyball in their local communities.

Commission Criteria

To be eligible for recognition, program directors must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be registered with a USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Association in a junior volleyball category or an Education-Based Multi-Sport, National Volleyball, Multi-Sport, or Affiliated Sports Member Organization, whose junior volleyball program has been acknowledged by the corporation.
  • All staff coaches must possess a minimum of CAP Entry Level Certification.
  • The program should have clearly defined goals, objectives, and a governance manual outlining its work plan.
  • Utilize program manuals for coaches, players, and parent volunteers.
  • Emphasize excellence while balancing growth and the scope of the program.
  • Provide a documented coaching education and development program that caters to the needs of all participants, with a ratio of at least 1:12 coaches per participants.
  • Establish positive relationships with the local community, including government bodies, school systems, businesses, service clubs, booster groups, and parents.
  • Promote player development and leadership with a focus on integrity and sportsmanship values.
  • Host a minimum of one tournament within the local territory annually.
  • Have team participation in at least one United States Junior Volleyball Championship and/or regularly participate in a USA Volleyball-sanctioned Zonal Qualification Tournament.
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The level of recognition given will correspond to the number of divisions serviced by the program.

Previous Outstanding Program Directors

Throughout the years, numerous directors have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the RVA Junior Volleyball Program. Here are the past recipients of this prestigious award:

  • 1994: Charlie Brande
  • 1995: Roger Stewart
  • 1996: Corey Morishita
  • 1997: Dragon Mulutinovic-Karadzic
  • 1999: James P. Reilly
  • 2000: Ted Schulte
  • 2001: Bill Zehler
  • 2002: Louis Puissegur, Jr.
  • 2003: Cathy R. Mahaffey
  • 2004: Bill and Judy Peer
  • 2005: Mike Chartier
  • 2006: John and Marilyn Lynch
  • 2007: Lori Trippi-Payne
  • 2008: Marty Miller
  • 2009: Charlotte Pottle
  • 2010: Joe and Joanie Williams
  • 2011: Dave Peixoto
  • 2012: Anne Slattery
  • 2013: Jenna Ann Hinton
  • 2014: Roland Madany
  • 2015: Fred Howell, Jr.
  • 2016: Meredith Grady
  • 2017: Heather Piccone
  • 2018: Dan Smith
  • 2019: Kevin and Sherry Wong
  • 2020: Loren Paulozzi

These exceptional individuals have left a lasting impact on the development and growth of junior volleyball, showcasing their commitment, expertise, and dedication.


Q: How can I become an Outstanding Program Director?
A: To be recognized as an Outstanding Program Director, you must meet the specific criteria outlined by USA Volleyball. This includes being registered with a recognized organization, possessing the necessary coaching certification, and demonstrating excellence in program development, community engagement, and player leadership.

Q: Can a program director receive this recognition multiple times?
A: Yes, a program director can be recognized as an Outstanding Program Director multiple times, provided they continue to meet the criteria and sustain their exceptional efforts in promoting junior volleyball.

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Q: What benefits does the Outstanding Program Director recognition offer?
A: The recognition as an Outstanding Program Director brings prestige, acknowledgment, and support from USA Volleyball. It highlights the director’s commitment to excellence and provides a platform for networking and sharing best practices with other industry professionals.


The Outstanding Program Director commission by USA Volleyball celebrates the remarkable achievements of program directors in the RVA Junior Volleyball Program. By meeting specific criteria, these directors contribute to the development and competitiveness of junior volleyball in their local communities. The commission recognizes directors who demonstrate excellence in program development, coaching education, community engagement, and player leadership. Previous recipients have left a lasting legacy, driving the growth and success of the sport. Becoming an Outstanding Program Director offers recognition, support, and networking opportunities within the volleyball community.

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