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Oracles of Volleyball: Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Throughout the 2016 Paralympic Games, we had the privilege of hearing from past Paralympic sitting volleyball players who shared their unique insights and thoughts on the Paralympic experience in Rio. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their favorite memories from the Opening Ceremony and discover what makes this event so special for the athletes.

Allison Aldrich: A Day of Celebration

When it comes to the Opening Ceremony, most people think about the fashion and entertainment. But for the athletes, it’s so much more. The Opening Ceremony is an entire day dedicated to celebrating the start of the Paralympic Games. It’s like getting ready for prom, ensuring that everything is perfect from your outfit to your hairstyle. And when the USA delegation enters the stadium, hearing the crowd roar with chants of “USA, USA, USA” gives you chills every time. It’s a moment of pride and honor, representing your country and all the hard work you’ve put into preparing for the games.

Brent Rasmussen: A Childhood Dream

The Opening Ceremony is a childhood dream come true for athletes like Brent Rasmussen. Putting on the gear and walking the track while chanting “USA, USA, USA” is a surreal experience that still gives him chills. It’s not just about playing sitting volleyball; it’s about representing the United States and the freedom that comes with it. Seeing the torch being lit reminds Brent of the greatness and opportunities that being an athlete in the greatest country in the world brings. As a representative of all sitting athletes and a member of the USAV Board, Brent is excited to support the team every step of the way and watch their matches on TV, fulfilling a dream he’s had for years.

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Q: What is the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games?
The Opening Ceremony is an event that marks the official beginning of the Paralympic Games. It is a celebration that showcases the host country’s culture, traditions, and athletes. The ceremony includes performances, lighting of the Paralympic flame, and the parade of nations, where athletes from different countries march together into the stadium.

Q: Why is the Opening Ceremony important for athletes?
The Opening Ceremony holds great significance for athletes as it symbolizes the start of their Paralympic journey. It’s a moment of pride and honor, representing their country and the countless hours of training and dedication they’ve put into their sport. The ceremony also allows athletes to appreciate the magnitude of the Games and creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among athletes from all over the world.


The Paralympic Opening Ceremony is an extraordinary event that holds immense importance for athletes. It’s a day of celebration, where athletes get to showcase their country’s pride and experience the thrill of walking into the stadium, greeted by the cheers of the crowd. For Allison Aldrich and Brent Rasmussen, the Opening Ceremony is a moment filled with pride, honor, and a reminder of the freedoms they enjoy as athletes representing their respective countries. We hope that the 2016 Paralympic Games brought inspiration and joy to all who participated and witnessed this remarkable event.

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