Sunday, 14 Jul 2024

NTDP Winter Training Series: Enhancing Athletes’ Skills Indoors and on the Beach

Junior athletes from all over the United States are invited to participate in USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) National Beach and Indoor Winter Training Series, taking place on December 27-30 in California^1^. This program offers a unique opportunity for athletes to improve their skills and receive training from top coaches in the country.

The indoor training sessions will be held at the national teams’ training center in Anaheim, while beach athletes will train in Manhattan Beach^2^. Athletes have been selected based on recommendations from the NTDP Scouting Network^3^. Throughout the four-day program, players will have the chance to train in groups and receive guidance from experienced coaches, some of the best in the nation^4^.

For athletes who excel in both indoor and beach volleyball, a Hybrid Track has been introduced. This track allows them to train both indoors and on the beach, maximizing their development with three sessions dedicated to each discipline^4^. NCAA Beach Volleyball Olympian Holly McPeak, who is passionate about nurturing young talent, will be one of the coaches in the program^5^.

The training sessions will focus on developing essential volleyball skills, systems, and mindsets required for success at an international level^6^. Additionally, athletes will have free access to the NTDP Academy and will receive personalized feedback from coaches to further enhance their performance^6^.

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The NTDP Winter Training Series brings together the nation’s most promising young athletes, dedicated coaches, and technical trainers in an environment that promotes growth and excellence^7^. It is an opportunity for these athletes to learn, compete with the best, and establish valuable connections with their peers^7^.

What Others Are Saying:

“The NTDP offers an incredible opportunity for our nation’s top youth athletes to train and learn from elite coaches. The Hybrid Track allows athletes to accelerate their development in both indoor and beach volleyball without having to choose.” – Sean Scott, USAV Director of the Beach National Teams^8^.

“The NTDP Winter Training Series provides a platform for top players to improve their skills, build friendships, and create lasting connections.” – Patty Dodd, Former pro indoor and beach player, USAV Beach National Team assistant coach^9^.

To find more information about the NTDP, visit the FAQ page^10^.