Wednesday, 29 May 2024

NTDP Athletes Earn AVCA High School All-America Honors

The USA Volleyball National Team Development Program (NTDP) continues to produce outstanding athletes, as evidenced by the 37 athletes named to the 2022 American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Girls High School All-America Teams. Launched in 2021, the NTDP is dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and accelerating the development of high-potential junior volleyball athletes with the goal of achieving sustained international competitive excellence.

Training and Recognition
Selected athletes have the opportunity to train with the NTDP at quarterly training series events and with age-group national teams. In 2022, four indoor U.S. age-group national teams achieved world championship qualification, marking a historic first. This accomplishment further highlights the success of the NTDP in nurturing talented athletes.

Record-Breaking All-America Recognition
The AVCA has been awarding All-America status for 17 years, and this year saw a record-breaking 1,183 nominees. Out of these, 300 athletes were named either First-, Second-, or Third-Team or received Honorable Mention All-American recognition. This is a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of young volleyball players across the country.

Congratulations to the All-America Athletes proudly congratulates all the girls who earned All-America status for their impressive achievements on the court. Their dedication, skill, and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and these athletes have rightly earned their place among the best in high school volleyball.

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Q: How are athletes selected for the AVCA Girls High School All-America Teams?
A: Athletes are selected based on their exceptional performance and contributions to their high school volleyball teams. The AVCA reviews nominations and chooses athletes for First-, Second-, and Third-Team honors as well as Honorable Mention.

Q: How does the NTDP contribute to the development of junior volleyball athletes?
A: The NTDP identifies talented junior volleyball athletes and provides them with opportunities for advanced training, exposure to national team programs, and accelerated development. Through its programs and resources, the NTDP supports athletes in their journey towards achieving sustained international competitive excellence.

Summary celebrates the achievements of 37 athletes with ties to the USA Volleyball National Team Development Program (NTDP) who were named to the 2022 American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) Girls High School All-America Teams. The NTDP’s mission to identify and nurture high-potential junior volleyball athletes has proved successful, with athletes earning recognition and opportunities to train with the NTDP and age-group national teams. The AVCA’s All-America selection process highlighted the exceptional talents of these athletes, as a record-breaking number of nominees were considered. This article congratulates these outstanding athletes and acknowledges the hard work and dedication they have demonstrated. For more information, visit to explore additional resources and updates on the NTDP and the world of volleyball.