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Nineteen Players Named to Men’s Junior National Training Team Roster

USA Volleyball is pleased to announce the selection of 19 players for the 2016 U.S. Men’s Junior National Training Team. These talented athletes will have the opportunity to represent their country and compete in the upcoming NORCECA U21 Continental Championships.

Enhancing Volleyball Talent Across the Nation

The Training Team is comprised of players from various regions across the United States. California leads the pack with six players from the Southern California region and five players from Northern California. Additionally, the Gateway and Aloha regions each have two players, while Keystone, Western Empire, Garden Empire, and Great Lakes are each represented by one player.

Head Coach Jay Hosack expressed his excitement about coaching new players and the diversity of skill levels and training methods that comes with it. He emphasized the importance of attitude and effort on the court when selecting the best team, rather than focusing solely on individual talent.

The Talented Roster

The Training Team consists of a group of exceptional athletes in different positions. The outside hitters include Kyle Bugee, Reese Devilbiss, Jordan Ewert, Collin Mahan, Austin Matautia, and Dylan Missry. The opposite hitters are Kyle Ensing, Calvin Mende, and Michael Wexter. Jack Cole, Will Hippe, George Huhmann, and Jacob Linsky make up the middle blockers. The selected setters are Randy Deweese, Joshua Tuaniga, Joe Worsley, and Matthew Yoshimoto. Lastly, the team features libero players Matt Douglas and Kelsey Yogi.

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Several players on the Training Team have previous national team experience, such as participation in the Boys’ Youth National Training Team and Boys’ Youth National Team. This experience gives them an advantage and the ability to lead both on and off the court.

A Coaching Dream Team

Assisting Head Coach Jay Hosack are Jonah Carson, a coach at Mountain View Volleyball Club, and Matt McCarthy, the associate head coach for Lewis University’s men’s volleyball team. Virginia Pham, a former graduate assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University, will serve as the team’s statistician. Together, this coaching staff offers a wealth of experience and expertise.


Q: How were the players selected for the Men’s Junior National Training Team?

A: The players were chosen following nationwide tryouts held earlier this year.

Q: What qualities did the coaching staff look for when selecting the team?

A: The coaching staff focused on attitude and effort on the court, as well as overall skill level.

Q: How many players from California are on the Training Team?

A: California is well-represented on the team, with a total of 11 players from both the Northern and Southern regions.


The 2016 U.S. Men’s Junior National Training Team has been announced, featuring 19 talented players from across the country. Head Coach Jay Hosack and his coaching staff carefully selected athletes based on their attitude, effort, and skill level. With a strong roster of outside hitters, opposite hitters, middle blockers, setters, and liberos, the team is ready to compete in the upcoming NORCECA U21 Continental Championships. The players’ previous national team experience will undoubtedly contribute to their success. Stay tuned to witness their exceptional performances on the court. Visit for more information.

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