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Newcomers Help U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team Secure Victories over Canada

The U.S. Women’s National Sitting Volleyball Team kicked off their five-match exhibition series with two wins against Canada in Denver. This series marks the international debut of three Team USA members, adding excitement to the matches held side-by-side with the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier.

In both matches, the Americans emerged victorious with a 3-0 scoreline, while Canada managed to win a bonus set in each contest. Emma Schieck, experiencing her first time wearing the red, white, and blue, expressed her joy and enthusiasm, stating that the experience surpassed her expectations.

At just 17 years old, Schieck, who still plays standing volleyball with the Carolina Legends Volleyball Club, acknowledged the uniqueness of playing sitting volleyball at a junior national qualifier. She finds it fascinating to witness both sitting and standing volleyball happening simultaneously, even though it feels different from her usual club team setting.

Annie Flood, the youngest member of the U.S. Women’s Sitting National Team at 15, also shared her mixed emotions about being a part of the sitting team while still playing the standing game despite missing a leg. Flood, who played as a setter and opposite in both matches, expressed her appreciation for the uniqueness of sitting volleyball and how it blends both her worlds.

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In the first match, Team USA dominated with a 25-11, 25-19, 25-21 victory. Katie Holloway and Monique Burkland led the team with 12 points each, showcasing their skills with kills and blocks. Heather Erickson contributed nine points, while Nicky Nieves and Tia Edwards tallied five points apiece.

The second match followed a similar pattern, with Team USA securing a 25-9, 25-14, 25-20 win. Lora Webster stood out with 13 points, including seven kills, three blocks, and three aces. Monique Burkland added 12 points to the scoreboard, while Nieves and Erickson contributed nine points each.

The exhibition series between the USA and Canada will continue with matches on Saturday and conclude on Sunday at the Colorado Convention Center. This unique setting, where sitting and standing volleyball coexist, provides an excellent opportunity for both disciplines to thrive and for sitting volleyball to gain more exposure.

Overall, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team demonstrated their prowess and teamwork in these matches, showcasing their talents to the delight of fans and spectators. Their dedication and commitment to the sport are evident, and their performances serve as an inspiration to athletes in both the sitting and standing volleyball communities.


Q: What were the results of the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team’s matches against Canada?
A: The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team won both matches against Canada with a 3-0 scoreline in each contest.

Q: How did the newcomers perform in their international debut?
A: The newcomers, Emma Schieck and Annie Flood, made impressive contributions to the team. Schieck showcased her skills with several kills and expressed her excitement at wearing the national colors for the first time. Flood, despite missing a leg, played as a setter and opposite and shared her unique perspective on being part of the sitting team while still participating in the standing game.

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Q: What is the significance of the exhibition series taking place alongside the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier?
A: The exhibition series being held alongside the junior national qualifier allows for the interaction of both sitting and standing volleyball. This unique setting provides an excellent opportunity for athletes to witness and appreciate both disciplines, potentially inspiring greater interest and participation in sitting volleyball.


The U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team started their exhibition series against Canada on a high note, securing victories in both matches. Newcomers Emma Schieck and Annie Flood made a memorable international debut, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm. The team’s dominant performances reflect their dedication and passion for the sport.

The exhibition series, held concurrently with the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier, highlights the unity of sitting and standing volleyball. This unique setting allows athletes and fans to appreciate both disciplines and promotes the growth and popularity of sitting volleyball.

Join the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team as they continue their exhibition series, and witness the exceptional athleticism and camaraderie that characterizes this inspiring team.

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