Wednesday, 29 May 2024

New Hall Of Famer Misty May-Treanor Doesn’t Stray Far From The Court In Retirement

More than four years after her last Olympic appearance, Misty May-Treanor continues to stay connected to the volleyball world. However, these days her focus has shifted to training to keep up with her toddler and coaching the women’s indoor volleyball and beach volleyball teams at Long Beach City College. May-Treanor’s accomplishments in the sport have been recognized with her recent induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. This prestigious honor is well-deserved for a player who has achieved so much in her career.

A Legacy of Success

May-Treanor’s legacy in the sport is undeniable. As one half of the most successful beach volleyball duo in Olympic history, she and partner Kerri Walsh Jennings won three consecutive gold medals. Their dominance on the sand was a result of May-Treanor’s exceptional skills and consistent performance. Throughout her career, she amassed an impressive 112 championship titles in both domestic and international matches.

A Role Model On and Off the Court

Apart from her remarkable success on the court, May-Treanor has always conducted herself with class and tenacity. She set the standard for what a female beach volleyball player should aspire to be, both in terms of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Her ability to excel under pressure and make crucial plays when needed is what made her a joy to watch. May-Treanor’s impact on the sport extends far beyond her playing days.

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Embracing the Next Chapter

While May-Treanor admits that it felt strange not to be a part of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, she has found fulfillment in her retirement. She now spends quality time with her family and embraces her coaching role at Long Beach City College. With a supportive staff and enthusiastic student-athletes, May-Treanor is able to bring her passion for the game into her coaching duties. She thanks her coaches, medical professionals, counselors, and fans for their invaluable support throughout her career.


Q: What are Misty May-Treanor’s achievements in volleyball?
A: Misty May-Treanor is one of the most accomplished beach volleyball players of all time. She won three consecutive Olympic gold medals and holds an impressive record of 112 championship titles in both domestic and international matches.

Q: What is Misty May-Treanor doing now?
A: Misty May-Treanor is currently a coach at Long Beach City College, overseeing the women’s indoor volleyball and beach volleyball teams. She is also enjoying time with her family and reflecting on her successful career.

Q: How did Misty May-Treanor impact the sport of beach volleyball?
A: Misty May-Treanor’s impact on beach volleyball goes beyond her achievements on the court. She set a standard for excellence, both in terms of skill and sportsmanship. Her consistency and ability to perform under pressure made her a role model for aspiring players.


Misty May-Treanor’s retirement from professional beach volleyball hasn’t taken her far from the sport she loves. As a coach at Long Beach City College, she continues to inspire and guide the next generation of players. May-Treanor’s induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame is a testament to her exceptional career and the mark she has left on the sport. Her legacy as a player and a role model will continue to inspire athletes for years to come.

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