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NCVC Collects Second Title of 2023 BJNC

Winning a single title at a national championship is a remarkable achievement in its own right. But winning two titles? That’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and a club’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

NCVC (Northern California) proved their dedication by securing their second title at the 2023 Boys Junior National Championship. This time, it was their 17-1 Blue team that emerged victorious in the Open division. Just a few days earlier, their 15-1 Blue team had claimed gold in the 15 Open category.

Head coach Tyler Salcedo expressed his joy, saying, “It feels incredible. That was a grind. That double elimination was unreal. There was a four-way tiebreaker just to get into the top four. We snuck in at fourth. Just an absolute grind of a tournament. That was unreal. It was insane. Everybody could beat everybody. Any of those eight teams could have won the tournament.”

This victory in the 17 Open division showcased the fiercely competitive nature of the tournament. NCVC finished with a record of 7-4, with their main competitor being ACAD Boys 17 Red (Garden Empire), who finished 9-3. Although ACAD initially won the first matchup between the two teams, NCVC came back strong in the bracket play to secure the win.

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In the championship match, ACAD won another intense three-set battle over NCVC. However, NCVC managed to level the playing field in the double elimination round, ultimately clinching the victory.

The third and fourth places were secured by SMBC West 17 Molten (Southern California) and Vegas United B17 Black (Southern California), respectively.

17 USA

Slainte Platinum 17-1 (Northern California) dominated their way to the 17 USA title, only losing a single set along the way. Coach Aaron Adams led this talented group of boys to an impressive fifth-place finish in the 16 USA division the previous year.

The title match against Ku’ikahi 17 Red Roshambo provided an exhilarating showdown, with Slainte emerging as the victors after a thrilling three-set match, ending with a score of 25-21, 19-25, 15-13.

Red Rock Boys 17 Taylor (Northern California) and SG Elite 17 Select (Southern California) secured the third-place positions in the 17 USA division.

17 Club

AVC 17-1 (Northern California) avenged an earlier loss to Victory 17-1 (Arizona) to claim the 17 Club title, with a final score of 25-23, 25-16.

Head coach Scott Okada reflected on the hard-fought battle, saying, “That was a tough battle. We actually played those guys the first match of the tournament, and they got us in three, so this win feels great. We improved throughout the tournament, battled through some challenges like bloody noses and cramping, and it was pretty awesome to see our boys rise to the occasion.”

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The third-place spot in the 17 Club division was claimed by Beach Cities 17 Black (Southern California) and Bravo 17 Legion (Southern California).


Q: How many titles did NCVC win at the 2023 BJNC?
A: NCVC won two titles: one in the 17 Open division and another in the 15 Open division.

Q: Who were the main competitors for NCVC in the 17 Open division?
A: ACAD Boys 17 Red (Garden Empire) served as NCVC’s main competitor in the 17 Open division.

Q: How did Slainte Platinum 17-1 perform in the 17 USA division?
A: Slainte Platinum 17-1 dominated the 17 USA division, only losing one set throughout the tournament.


NCVC showcased their determination and skill by winning two titles at the 2023 Boys Junior National Championship. The 17-1 Blue team triumphed in the Open division, while the 15-1 Blue team claimed gold in the 15 Open category. The competition was fierce, with NCVC facing tough opponents and battling through a double elimination format. In the end, their hard work paid off, securing them the top spot in their respective divisions.

Slainte Platinum 17-1 impressed in the 17 USA division, losing only one set on their path to victory. This talented group of boys, led by coach Aaron Adams, showed their mettle in an exciting title match against Ku’ikahi 17 Red Roshambo.

In the 17 Club division, AVC 17-1 emerged as champions after an intense battle with Victory 17-1. Coach Scott Okada commended his team’s resilience and improvement throughout the tournament.

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Overall, the 2023 BJNC showcased the talent, dedication, and competitive spirit of youth volleyball teams from across the country. Congratulations to all the teams who participated and made the championship a thrilling success.

To learn more about the NCVC and their impressive achievements, visit the official Alpinetgheep website.