Wednesday, 29 May 2024

NCSA Becomes USAV’s Official Recruiting Services Supplier

USA Volleyball has recently announced a partnership with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), making NCSA the official recruiting services supplier for the national governing body until July 14, 2020.

NCSA: A Leading Athletic Recruiting Platform

Founded in 2000, NCSA has established itself as the largest athletic recruiting platform. With a successful track record of helping prospective collegiate athletes obtain a quality education and secure athletic scholarships, NCSA has particularly excelled in the realm of volleyball.

Helping Athletes Reach Their Goals

NCSA is dedicated to assisting college-bound athletes in navigating the sports recruiting process. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, a vast network of relationships, and a passionate team of experts, NCSA has helped over 100,000 student-athletes reach the next level.

A Partnership for Success

The collaboration between NCSA and USA Volleyball is a testament to their shared commitment to sports and the lifelong benefits of being part of a team. USA Volleyball Secretary General Kerry Klostermann expressed enthusiasm about working with NCSA, emphasizing their desire to support the next generation of potential national team athletes in achieving their goals.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recruiting

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NCSA goes beyond individual athlete profiles by offering a network of recruiting specialists who provide guidance at every step of the recruiting process. Additionally, NCSA offers robust tools and a resource library to ensure that families have access to the latest recruiting information.

Unlocking Opportunities

With its NCAA compliant recruiting network and a team of over 600 former college and professional athletes and coaches, NCSA delivers a highly-personalized experience that helps student-athletes find the right college match. This commitment to personalized support sets NCSA apart and contributes to its success in helping student-athletes get recruited.


The partnership between NCSA and USA Volleyball marks a significant step towards creating opportunities for athletes to pursue their dreams. With NCSA’s expertise and USA Volleyball’s commitment to excellence, aspiring college athletes can look forward to a brighter future in their athletic and academic endeavors.


1. What is the purpose of NCSA?
NCSA’s primary goal is to assist student-athletes in obtaining a quality education and securing athletic scholarships.

2. How does NCSA support athletes in the recruiting process?
NCSA provides a comprehensive approach to recruiting, offering personalized guidance, tools, and resources to help athletes find the right college match.

3. What sets NCSA apart from other athletic recruiting platforms?
NCSA’s extensive network of recruiting specialists, combined with its personalized approach and cutting-edge technology, sets it apart from other platforms.

4. How can I learn more about NCSA?
To find out more about NCSA, visit their official website at Alpinetgheep.