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NCAA Semifinalists and Their Ties to USA Volleyball NTDP


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Dec. 14, 2022) - Players and coaches from all four teams in the NCAA D1 Women’s Volleyball National Championship semifinals have ties to USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program and its national teams.

The NCAA D1 Women’s Volleyball National Championship semifinals are just around the corner, and the teams competing have some strong connections to USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) and its national teams. Let’s take a closer look at the semifinalists and their ties to this prestigious program.


The Louisville team boasts several players and coaches who have been part of the NTDP and its national teams. Ayden Bartlett, Claire Chaussee, Anna DeBeer, Nina Moorer, and Hannah Sherman have all represented USA Volleyball at various levels. Head coach Dani Busboom Kelly and associate head coach Dan Meske have also been involved with the NTDP and its programs. Director of Operations Sarah Drury Petkovic is a member of the U.S. Women’s National Team.



Pitt is another semifinalist with strong ties to USA Volleyball’s NTDP. Rachel Jepsen, Rachel Fairbanks, Sabrina Starks, and Serena Gray have participated in various training series and national teams. Head coach Dan Fisher has an impressive coaching history with the NTDP, including coaching the U.S. Women’s National Team at international events. Fisher’s experience and expertise have undoubtedly contributed to Pitt’s success.

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Texas is no stranger to the NTDP either. Keonilei Akana, Marina Crownover, Logan Eggleston, Jenna Ewert, Bella Bergmark, and Zoe Fleck have all been involved with USA Volleyball’s national teams and training programs. Devin Kahahawai, Asjia O’Neal, Molly Phillips, Marianna Singletary, and Madisen Skinner are also part of the NTDP and have represented the United States. Head coach Jerritt Elliott and his coaching staff, including associate head coach David Hunt and Erik Sullivan, have a wealth of experience with the NTDP and USA Volleyball in general.


San Diego

San Diego completes the lineup of NCAA semifinalists with players and coaches who have ties to USA Volleyball’s NTDP. Grace Frohling, Gabby Goddard, Annika Hester, Alex Hoglund, and Anna Jaworowski have all been part of the national teams and NTDP programs. Associate head coach Alfee Reft and his experience as an assistant coach for the Women’s National Team and as a player for the U.S. Olympic Men’s Volleyball Team adds a valuable perspective to the San Diego team.


These semifinalists’ ties to USA Volleyball’s NTDP speak volumes about the program’s impact on developing elite athletes and coaches. The experience gained from being a part of the national teams and training programs undoubtedly contributes to their success at the collegiate level.


Q: What is the NTDP?
A: The National Team Development Program (NTDP) is a prestigious program under USA Volleyball that provides elite training and development opportunities for talented young athletes. The program aims to identify and nurture future national team players.

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Q: How does the NTDP benefit athletes and coaches?
A: The NTDP offers athletes and coaches the chance to receive top-notch training, compete at the highest level, and learn from experienced professionals. It provides a pathway for individuals to showcase their skills and potentially represent the United States at international competitions.

Q: Can anyone join the NTDP?
A: The NTDP has a rigorous selection process, and athletes must demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Coaches are chosen based on their experience and expertise in developing young talent.


The NCAA semifinals will showcase the talent and dedication of the players and coaches who have ties to USA Volleyball’s NTDP. Their involvement in the program has undoubtedly played a significant role in their success. As the matches unfold, we can appreciate the impact of the NTDP on the world of women’s collegiate volleyball. To learn more about USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program, visit Alpinetgheep.