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NCAA Semifinal Players Showcase NTDP Experience

The NCAA DI Women’s Volleyball National Championship is heating up, with only four teams left in the competition. In the upcoming semifinals, we’ll witness an exciting clash between No. 2 Kentucky and No. 6 Washington, as well as a highly anticipated matchup between No. 1 Wisconsin and No. 4 Texas.

What makes these matchups even more intriguing is the abundance of talent that has emerged from USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program (NTDP). Many players from all four teams have honed their skills and gained invaluable experience through their participation in this program.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout athletes who have benefited from their time in the NTDP:


  • Madison Lilley – Named AVCA Player of the Year, Lilley has an impressive resume that includes competing on multiple USAV junior national teams and the U.S. Women’s Team.
  • Gabby Curry – An integral part of the Kentucky team, Curry has represented the Women’s Junior National Team at international competitions.
  • Sophie Fischer, Reagan Rutherford, Avery Skinner, Alli Stumler, and Azhani Tealer – These players have all found success through their involvement with the NTDP.


  • Brionne Butler – Butler has had a remarkable journey, representing the Youth National Team and the Junior National Team at various championships.
  • Naomi Cabello, Logan Eggleston, Skylar Fields, Molly Phillips, and Madison Williams – These Texas players have all made their mark with their exceptional skills and NTDP experience.
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  • Samantha Drechsel, Madi Endsley, Marin Grote, Claire Hoffman, Avie Niece, Ella May Powell, Lauren Sanders, and Sophie Summers – These athletes have all showcased their talents on the national stage through their participation in the NTDP program.


  • Izzy Ashburn, Lauren Barnes, Jade Demps, MJ Hammill, Danielle Hart, Sydney Hilley, Sydney Reed, Dana Rettke, and Devyn Robinson – These players have all benefited from their involvement in the NTDP, representing the USA at various levels.

With such a wealth of talent on display, it’s no wonder these teams have made it to the NCAA semifinals. The NTDP has played a crucial role in shaping these athletes into the stars they are today.


Q: What is the NTDP?
A: The NTDP, or National Team Development Program, is a program operated by USA Volleyball that focuses on identifying and developing top-level volleyball talent across the country.

Q: How does the NTDP prepare players for college volleyball?
A: The NTDP provides athletes with opportunities to train and compete at a high level, allowing them to develop their skills and gain valuable experience that prepares them for the demands of college volleyball.

Q: Can NTDP players represent the USA on the national stage?
A: Yes, many NTDP players go on to represent the USA at various international competitions, showcasing their talent and contributing to the success of the national teams.


The NCAA DI Women’s Volleyball National Championship is in full swing, and the semifinals promise thrilling matches between top-ranked teams. What sets these teams apart is the wealth of talent that has emerged from the NTDP. Players like Madison Lilley, Brionne Butler, Samantha Drechsel, and Dana Rettke have all honed their skills in the NTDP, showcasing their abilities on the national and international stages. With the NTDP’s guidance and training, these athletes have become essential contributors to their respective teams’ success. As the competition heats up, keep an eye on these players as they bring their NTDP experience to the forefront of collegiate volleyball.

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