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MNT Update: Champions League Advancements

The men’s CEV Champions League pool play has come to an end, and it’s time to celebrate the teams with U.S. players who are moving forward. In this article, we will highlight the achievements of these teams and provide updates on the U.S. Men’s National Team players competing around the world. So let’s dive in!

Pool A: Türkiye’s Ziraat Bankkard Ankara Reigns Supreme

In Pool A, Türkiye’s Ziraat Bankkard Ankara, led by the talented Matt Anderson, finished pool play undefeated and secured their spot in the quarterfinals. Anderson showcased his skills on Jan. 10 when Ankara defeated Belgium’s Knack Roeselare in a thrilling 3-2 match. Anderson’s outstanding performance earned him 28 points, including 23 kills and four blocks. On Jan. 17, Ankara continued their winning streak by defeating Greece’s Olympiacos Piraeus, with Anderson contributing 11 points to the victory.

Grupa Azoty Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle, the defending Champions League champions, also advanced to the playoffs. The team, featuring libero Erik Shoji and middle blocker David Smith, finished second in Pool A with a record of 3-3. Despite some challenges, Kędzierzyn-Koźle managed to secure their spot in the playoffs and will face off against Türkiye’s Halkbank Ankara, which finished second in Pool C.

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Pool B: Asseco Resovia Rzeszów Falls Short

Poland’s Asseco Resovia Rzeszów, with the talented T.J. DeFalco, finished third in Pool B with a record of 3-3. Unfortunately, they did not advance to the next stage of the competition. Despite their efforts, Rzeszów couldn’t secure a spot in the playoffs. Nevertheless, DeFalco’s contributions were notable, particularly in their final match against Italy’s Trentino Itas, where he scored 14 points with 12 kills and two aces.

Pool C: Halkbank Ankara and Cody Kessel’s Berlin Recycling Volleys Eye Playoffs

U.S. setter Micah Ma’a and Türkiye’s Halkbank Ankara finished second in Pool C with a record of 4-2. Although they faced a setback on Jan. 10 when they fell to Italy’s Gas Sales Daiko Piancenza, Halkbank made a strong comeback on Jan. 17 by defeating Portugal’s Sport Lisboa e Benfica in a thrilling 3-2 match.

Cody Kessel, playing for Germany’s Berlin Recycling Volleys, had a successful campaign in Pool C. Berlin finished third in the pool and secured a spot in the playoffs. Kessel’s contributions throughout the tournament were vital in their victory against Sport Lisboa e Benfica on Jan. 10.

The Road Ahead: Playoffs and Exciting Matchups

As the CEV Champions League progresses, teams will face each other in the playoffs for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals. We can look forward to thrilling matchups, including Kędzierzyn-Koźle facing Halkbank Ankara and Cody Kessel’s Berlin Recycling Volleys taking on France’s Tours.


Q: Who is leading in the CEV Champions League?
A: Türkiye’s Ziraat Bankkard Ankara has emerged as a strong contender, finishing pool play undefeated and advancing straight to the quarterfinals.

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Q: Which U.S. players are making waves in the CEV Champions League?
A: Matt Anderson, Micah Ma’a, and Cody Kessel have been instrumental in their respective teams’ success, contributing significantly to their advancement in the tournament.

Q: What are the upcoming matchups to watch in the playoffs?
A: Kędzierzyn-Koźle will face Halkbank Ankara, while Cody Kessel’s Berlin Recycling Volleys will take on Tours in the playoffs.


The CEV Champions League has been filled with intense competition and outstanding performances from teams with U.S. players. We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming playoffs and looking forward to witnessing the skill and determination of these athletes. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the U.S. Men’s National Team players competing around the world.

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