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MNT Sending Veterans to Ottawa for VNL Week 1

The U.S. Men’s National Team is gearing up for an exciting start to the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) competition. A group of experienced veterans, including nine Olympians, will represent the team in Ottawa, Canada from June 7-11.

The Volleyball Nations League: A Premier International Tournament

Volleyball Nations League is the world’s most prestigious annual international indoor volleyball tournament. It brings together the top 16 teams from around the world to compete in four matches per week during three weeks of preliminary competition. The top eight teams from the preliminary rounds will advance to the Final Round.

The U.S. Men’s Road to the Finals

The U.S. Men’s team will have the opportunity to host the third round of preliminary play in Anaheim, California from July 4-9. This gives fans a chance to catch their favorite players in action on home soil. Tickets for the Anaheim matches can be purchased at

Meet the Veterans Representing the U.S. Men’s Team

The roster for week 1 of the VNL includes a lineup of seasoned players. Three-time Olympians Matt Anderson and David Smith will bring their wealth of experience to the team. Micah Christenson, a two-time Olympic setter, will serve as the team captain. Libero Erik Shoji and middle Max Holt also have two Olympics under their belts.

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Joining them are T.J. DeFalco, Garrett Muagututia, Aaron Russell, and Kyle Ensing, each having competed in one Olympic Games. The remaining players all have previous VNL experience: Taylor Averill, Jeff Jendryk, Cody Kessel, Micah Ma’a, and Jake Hanes.

The Coaching Team

Leading the U.S. Men’s team is head coach John Speraw, who recently guided the UCLA men’s volleyball team to victory in the 2023 NCAA National Championship. Speraw has been at the helm of the U.S. Men’s team since 2013 and helped them secure the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Speraw is assisted by former indoor and beach player Matt Fuerbringer, who brings a wealth of coaching experience from both college and club teams. Javier Weber, a three-time Olympian for Argentina and coach of the national team, also lends his expertise to the coaching staff.

Ready to Take on the World

Ranked sixth in the world, the U.S. Men’s team is no stranger to success. They claimed the silver medal at the 2022 VNL and are determined to make their mark in this year’s competition. During the first round, they will face off against the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, and Brazil, ranked 13th, 2nd, 16th, and 4th respectively.


Q: Where can I catch the U.S. Men’s team in action?

A: The U.S. Men’s team will be playing in Ottawa, Canada during week 1, Rotterdam, Netherlands during week 2, and Anaheim, California during week 3. All matches will be broadcast on

Q: Who is the head coach of the U.S. Men’s team?

A: The head coach of the U.S. Men’s team is John Speraw, a highly experienced coach who led the UCLA men’s volleyball team to a national championship.

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The U.S. Men’s National Team is ready to make their mark in the Volleyball Nations League. With a roster filled with seasoned veterans and a talented coaching staff, they are poised to deliver exciting performances. Stay tuned for more updates and support the team as they go for gold!