Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Men’s Update: Five Questions for Michael Brinkley

A new Olympic quadrennial brings new players into the spotlight for the U.S. Men’s National Team as it looks forward to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Libero Michael Brinkley has been a key player for the United States, representing the team in the last four Pan American Cup tournaments and the 2015 Pan American Games. With his experience and skills, Brinkley has made a significant impact on the court.

In this article, we get to know Brinkley on a deeper level as he answers five important questions about his journey as a libero and his outlook for the future.

Q1: Reflecting on the 2016 Olympic Tournament

The 2016 Olympic tournament was an incredible spectacle to watch. Brinkley expresses his admiration for the competition and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the young U.S. men’s team. Despite their youth, they brought home the bronze medal for the USA. Brinkley truly appreciates the efforts and achievements of his teammates.

Q2: Progress as a Libero

Brinkley discusses his growth as a libero since leaving UC Irvine. Being a part of the national team has allowed him to compete with some of the best players in the country, which has helped him become a better libero and teammate. The guidance and training he received from Matt Fuerbringer and Tim Pelot have been instrumental in his development, focusing on specific skills like float serve reception, strength, and speed. Brinkley is grateful for the opportunity to train with the best in Anaheim.

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Q3: Playing in Germany

Playing in Germany has been a valuable experience for Brinkley. He appreciates the differences in the European style of volleyball and the chance to adapt to new systems and rotations. Living away from home for seven months has been a challenging but rewarding experience for Brinkley. He learned new skills such as driving stick shift and embraced the changes in weather, even though dealing with ice was not always enjoyable. Brinkley looks forward to reuniting with his beloved golden retriever Daisy when he returns to the United States.

Q4: Life Outside of Volleyball

When he’s not practicing or playing volleyball, Brinkley loves to travel. Living in Europe has provided him with the opportunity to explore various countries and cultures easily. He cherishes the friendships he has made along the way. Brinkley also enjoys watching shows on Netflix, with “How To Get Away With Murder” being his favorite. He often gathers with teammates and girlfriends for viewing parties. Trying out new restaurants in the city and attempting to order in German are also activities that bring him joy.

Q5: Looking Ahead in 2017

In 2017, Brinkley eagerly anticipates training in Anaheim for the summer, where he can soak up the sunshine and relax at the beach. Reuniting with family and friends during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas is something he deeply misses while he’s away. Brinkley is determined to continue growing as a player and a person, pushing his limits and embracing new opportunities.

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Q1: How many Pan American Cup tournaments has Michael Brinkley participated in?
A1: Brinkley has played in the last four Pan American Cup tournaments.

Q2: Which team won the bronze medal in the 2016 Olympic Games?
A2: The U.S. men’s team won the bronze medal in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Q3: What skills did Michael Brinkley focus on during his training with Matt Fuerbringer?
A3: Brinkley focused on float serve reception during his training with Matt Fuerbringer.

Q4: What has been Michael Brinkley’s experience playing in Germany?
A4: Playing in Germany has been a great learning experience for Brinkley, allowing him to adapt to the European style of volleyball and face new challenges, such as driving stick shift and experiencing a real winter.

Q5: What is Michael Brinkley looking forward to in 2017?
A5: Brinkley is excited about training in Anaheim for the summer, reuniting with family and friends, and continuing his personal and professional growth.


In this article, we had the opportunity to delve into the thoughts and experiences of Michael Brinkley, a talented libero for the U.S. Men’s National Team. Brinkley shared his thoughts on the 2016 Olympic tournament, his progress as a libero since leaving UC Irvine, and the challenges and joys of playing in Germany. We also learned about his interests outside of volleyball and his aspirations for the future. Brinkley’s journey as a player and a person exemplifies dedication, growth, and a commitment to excellence.