Sunday, 14 Jul 2024

Men’s Update: Christenson Emerges Victorious

U.S. setter Micah Christenson, representing Italian team Cucine Lube Civitanova, claimed victory over U.S. outside hitter Thomas Jaeschke and Poland’s Asseco Resovia Rzeszow on January 19th at the CEV Champions Cup. The match, held in Rzeszow, Poland, saw Christenson score three points and lead his team to a remarkable .593 hitting efficiency. Jaeschke, who recently returned to Rzeszow after a break, played as a substitute and scored one point.

In another thrilling match, setter Matt West, middle blocker Nick Olson, and the Netherlands’ Abiant Lycurgus Groningen defeated Bulgaria’s Levski Sofia on January 18th in the CEV Cup round of 16. Despite their impressive victory, Groningen did not advance to the next round.

Middle blocker Dan McDonnell and France’s Chaumont also saw success in the round of eight, defeating Portugal’s Benfica Lisboa on January 18th. McDonnell’s stellar performance contributed to the team’s victory with eight points.

Several other players, including Reid Priddy, David Smith, and Max Holt, showcased their skills on the international stage, with each player delivering noteworthy performances.

The article will dive deeper into the details of these matches, exploring the statistics and achievements of these talented athletes.

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