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Men’s Update: Champions League Semifinals

The CEV Champions League is heating up, and three teams featuring U.S. Men’s National Team players have made it to the semifinals. On May 12, in Kazan, Russia, Italy’s Cucine Lube Civitanova, with setter Micah Christenson and outside hitter Taylor Sander, will face Poland’s Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle in the first semifinal. In the second semifinal, outside hitter Aaron Russell, setter James Shaw, and Italy’s Sir Safety Perugia will take on outside hitter Matt Anderson and Russia’s Zenit Kazan.

The upcoming matches promise to be thrilling showdowns, and the winners will advance to the medal matches on May 13. Let’s take a closer look at the journey these teams have taken to reach this stage of the competition.

Perugia Beats Novosibirsk to Advance

Perugia secured their spot in the semifinals by defeating Russia’s Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in the Round of 6. Despite losing to Novosibirsk in a close match, Perugia displayed their resilience by winning the two sets they needed to advance. Aaron Russell played a crucial role, scoring 10 points on nine kills and one ace in the first four sets. James Shaw also contributed as a substitute, scoring one point on a kill in the fifth set.

Civitanova Triumphs over Trentino

Civitanova emerged victorious in their clash against Italy’s Diatec Trentino. In a thrilling five-set match, Civitanova secured their place in the semifinals with a 3-2 win. Micah Christenson and Taylor Sander showcased their skills, with Christenson earning one point on a block and Sander scoring eight points with five kills and three aces. Their performances were instrumental in securing the victory for Civitanova.

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Kazan’s Dominance Continues

As the three-time defending champion and the host of the Champions League, Zenit Kazan did not have to compete in the Round of 6. However, their impressive performance in the group stage without a single loss suggests they would have advanced regardless. Led by Matt Anderson, Kazan has established themselves as a formidable force in the tournament.

Volleyball Nations League Tickets Available

In other news, tickets are now on sale for the upcoming FIVB Volleyball Nations League matches featuring the U.S. Men’s Team. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness thrilling encounters between the U.S., Serbia, Poland, and Iran, scheduled to take place on June 15-17 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

MPSF Honors for USA Volleyball Players

The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) recently announced the honorees for the 2018 season, and several players with ties to USA Volleyball were recognized. Pepperdine’s David Wieczorek, a redshirt junior, was named the MPSF Player of the Year. Brenden Sander, Price Jarman, and Jake Arnitz from BYU, as well as Micah Ma’a from UCLA and Jaylen Jasper from Stanford, were also recognized for their outstanding performances.

Updates from Argentina, Italy, Poland, Russia, France, and Germany

The article also provides updates from various leagues around the world. David Lee and UPCN San Juan emerged as champions in Argentina, while Russell, Shaw, and Perugia hold a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five semifinal series against Diatec Trentino in Italy. Polish teams are gearing up for the final matches of the regular season, and Kazan, led by Anderson, has a 2-0 advantage in the league semifinals against Kusbass Kemerovo in Russia.

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In France, Mitch Stahl and Paris won their first quarterfinal match against Montpellier, while Michael Saeta and Chaumont faced a loss against Tourcoing. Kyle Russell and the Berlin Recycling Volleys emerged victorious in the playoffs against Lüneburg in Germany.


Q1: When will the CEV Champions League semifinals take place?
A1: The semifinals of the CEV Champions League are scheduled for May 12 in Kazan, Russia.

Q2: How can I purchase tickets for the Volleyball Nations League matches?
A2: Tickets for the U.S. Men’s matches in the Volleyball Nations League can be purchased now. Don’t miss the chance to see them in action on June 15-17 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.


The CEV Champions League is reaching its climax, with three teams featuring U.S. Men’s National Team players set to compete in the semifinals. Italy’s Cucine Lube Civitanova, Sir Safety Perugia, and Russia’s Zenit Kazan have showcased their talents and determination to make it this far. The matches are guaranteed to be intense, and fans can look forward to witnessing exceptional performances on May 12 in Kazan.

In other volleyball news, tickets for the Volleyball Nations League matches, featuring the U.S. Men’s Team, are now available. Make sure to secure your seats for an unforgettable experience on June 15-17 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

For more updates on leagues around the world, including Argentina, Italy, Poland, Russia, France, and Germany, continue reading this article. Stay tuned for the latest news and exciting developments in the world of volleyball.

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