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Men’s College Volleyball Roundup for March 22

This week’s college volleyball roundup brings you the latest updates from the NCAA Division I/II and Division III rankings. Penn State takes the top spot in Division I/II, while Stevens maintains its dominance in Division III. Alongside the rankings, we’ll also cover some key matches of the week and highlight athletes from the USA Volleyball National Team Development Program.

NCAA Division I/II

Penn State – No. 1

Penn State holds an impressive 18-3 record this season but recently suffered their third loss against Ohio State. Despite the defeat, standout players like Cal Fisher and Cole Bogner continue to lead the team in kills and digs, respectively. Penn State will soon face Harvard in an upcoming match.

Hawaii – No. 2

Hawaii faced a setback in their recent match against Long Beach State, but they still maintain a strong record with only two losses this season. Chaz Galloway and Spyros Chakas have been standout performers for the team. Hawaii’s next challenge will be against CSUN.

UCLA – No. 3

UCLA boasts an impressive 21-2 record this year and enjoyed back-to-back wins against Stanford in their recent matches. David Ido and Ethan Champlin have been instrumental in their success. Up next, UCLA will face GCU on March 31.

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Long Beach State – No. 4

With a 12-3 record, Long Beach State split their recent matches with Hawaii. The team’s strong players, Sotiris Siapanis and Simon Thorwie, have proven their worth on the court. Long Beach State will now prepare for their upcoming match against USC.

Grand Canyon – No. 5

Grand Canyon has been on a winning streak with a 20-1 record. Camden Gianni and Cameron Thorne have stood out in their recent victory against Princeton. GCU’s next challenge will be against CUI.

NCAA Division III

In Division III, we shift our focus to the top-ranked teams and their recent successes.

Stevens – No. 1

Stevens remains undefeated this season with a remarkable 25-2 record. Carver Weirick and Jesse Knuckles have proven their talent in their recent match against Kings College. Up next, Stevens will face MIT.

Vassar – No. 2

Vassar holds a solid 15-1 record and recently secured a victory against Monroe in an exhibition match. Andrew Kim and Jorge Adames Reyes played crucial roles in the team’s success. Vassar’s next challenge awaits against NYU.

Juniata – No. 3

With a 20-2 record, Juniata is on a winning streak after defeating Cal Lutheran in their recent match. Tyler Goldsborough and Kevin Duffy III showcased their skills on the court. Next up, East Mennonite awaits Juniata.

Springfield – No. 4

Springfield continues their strong season with an 18-2 record, including a road win against New Paltz. Jarrett Anderson and Braden Gonzalez played pivotal roles in their recent victory. Springfield will now face SUNY Potsdam.

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Messiah – No. 5

Messiah boasts an impressive 17-2 record and recently secured a victory against Kings College. Mason Nissley and Connor Stauffer were standout performers in the match. Messiah’s next challenge will be against Widener.


Q: Which teams are currently leading in the NCAA Division I/II rankings?
A: Penn State holds the top spot in the Division I/II rankings, followed by Hawaii, UCLA, Long Beach State, and Grand Canyon.

Q: Who are the leading teams in the NCAA Division III rankings?
A: Stevens leads the Division III rankings, followed by Vassar, Juniata, Springfield, and Messiah.

Q: Can you tell me about standout players in these rankings?
A: Standout players include Cal Fisher and Cole Bogner from Penn State, Chaz Galloway and Spyros Chakas from Hawaii, and David Ido and Ethan Champlin from UCLA, among others.

Q: When are the upcoming matches for these teams?
A: Penn State will face Harvard, Hawaii will play against CSUN, UCLA will challenge GCU, Long Beach State will take on USC, and Grand Canyon will face CUI. In Division III, Stevens will face MIT, Vassar will play against NYU, Juniata will challenge East Mennonite, Springfield will face SUNY Potsdam, and Messiah will play against Widener.


In this week’s men’s college volleyball roundup, we looked at the latest rankings for NCAA Division I/II and Division III. Penn State claimed the top spot in Division I/II, while Stevens maintained their dominance in Division III. We also highlighted standout players and upcoming matches for these teams. Stay tuned for more thrilling volleyball action!

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