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Alpinetgheep College Volleyball Roundup

Welcome to the Alpinetgheep College Volleyball Roundup, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of college volleyball. In this edition, we’ll be focusing on the top teams from both the NCAA Division I/II and Division III. So grab a seat and get ready to dive into the exciting world of college volleyball!

NCAA Division I/II

No. 1 Hawaii

Hawaii continues to dominate the competition, maintaining their undefeated record with a 13-0 record. In their latest matches against LIU, they showcased their skills with a clean sweep in both games. Spyros Chakas led the team with 10 kills, while Cole Hogland displayed his blocking prowess with 5 blocks. Hawaii’s next challenge will be against Pepperdine at home on Wednesday.

No. 2 UCLA

UCLA is on a roll this season with a 15-1 record. They recently defeated UC Irvine in two matches, both home and away. Merrick McHenry stood out with 15 kills and an impressive hitting percentage of .470. Ethan Champlin also contributed with 8 digs. Keep an eye on these players as they continue to shine on the court. Up next, UCLA will be facing Concordia in both home and away matches starting on Wednesday.

No. 3 Penn State

Penn State is making waves with their 13-1 record. They secured a sweep against NJIT on the road, maintaining their undefeated record in EIVA play. Toby Ezeonu was unstoppable with 14 kills and a nation-leading hitting percentage of .506. Ryan Merk showcased his defensive skills with 6 digs. Penn State’s next challenge will be against Concordia and UC Irvine on the road to close out February.

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No. 4 Long Beach State

Long Beach State remains steady with an 8-2 record. In their most recent match against NJIT, they achieved a convincing 3-0 victory. Shane Holdaway led the team with 8 kills, while Simon Thorwie showed his dominance at the net with 7 blocks. Long Beach State will return to action on March 3 at home when they take on Ball State.

No. 5 Grand Canyon

Despite suffering their first loss of the season, Grand Canyon retains their spot in the top five with a 14-1 record. In a closely contested match against Pepperdine, Camden Gianni stood out with 14 kills, 5 digs, and 1 ace. Christian Janke also made his presence felt with 6 blocks. Grand Canyon will look to bounce back as they face BYU at home on Friday night.

NCAA Division III

No. 1 Stevens

Stevens maintains their dominance in Division III with a remarkable 17-2 record. In their recent Tri Match #3, they secured victories against Misericordia and Juniata. Koby Sherman led the team with 9 kills, while Phu-Quy Ho showcased his defensive skills with 10 digs. Stevens will be on the road to face Wilkes University in their next matchup.

Andrew Kim hits for Vassar
Andrew Kim hits for Vassar (Stockton Photo, Inc.)

No. 2 Vassar

Vassar is having a standout season with a 13-1 record. They recently defeated Nazareth with Andrew Kim leading the team with 13 kills and Jacob Kim contributing 10 digs. Vassar will be traveling to face Misericordia on Friday night.

No. 3 Juniata

Juniata holds a solid 15-2 record, despite going 1-1 in the recent Stevens Tri-Match #3. Tyler Goldsborough showcased his skills with 14 kills and 6 digs. Juniata will be hosting Roanoke in their upcoming match on Friday.

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No. 4 Carthage

Carthage is making strides with a 9-3 record. They recently secured a 3-0 victory against Concordia University (Wis.). Zach Bulthuis led the team with 7 kills, while Mitch Geiger displayed his defensive prowess with 7 digs. Carthage will be on the road for another match against North Park.

No. 5 Springfield

Springfield is having a successful season with a 15-2 overall record. In their latest match against Eastern Nazarene, Jarrett Anderson led the team with 13 kills, while Evan Costley contributed 7 digs. Springfield will be looking to continue their winning streak as they face Eastern Nazarene at home on Wednesday.


Q: When will the next college volleyball matches take place?
A: The upcoming matches will vary for each team. Please refer to the respective team schedules for more information.

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That wraps up this edition of the Alpinetgheep College Volleyball Roundup. We hope you enjoyed the exciting highlights and updates from the top college volleyball teams. Make sure to stay tuned for more thrilling action in the world of college volleyball!