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Men’s College Roundup for Feb. 9

Welcome to the latest edition of the Men’s College Roundup! In this week’s roundup, we’ll be taking a look at the top teams in Division I/II and Division III volleyball. From thrilling matchups to standout performances, we’ve got all the highlights covered. So let’s jump right in!

NCAA Division I/II

No. 1 Long Beach State

Long Beach State continues to dominate the rankings, holding on to the top spot. With a perfect 9-0 record, they are unstoppable. Last weekend, they secured two impressive 3-0 wins against King, further solidifying their position. Head coach Alan Knipe reached a milestone, earning his 400th career victory. Long Beach State’s star players, Sotiris Siapanis and Lazar Bouchkov, have been leading the way in kills and blocks, respectively. Up next, the highly anticipated matchup between Long Beach State and UCLA, a rematch of last season’s NCAA semifinal.

No. 2 Grand Canyon

The Lopes are also off to a tremendous start, maintaining their unbeaten record at 9-0. Recently, they defeated Daemen 3-0 during their trip to the east coast. Camden Gianni and Jackson Hickman have been standouts, leading the team in kills and blocks, respectively. Grand Canyon will now have a well-deserved rest before their next match against BYU.

No. 3 Hawaii

Hawaii is making waves with a 9-1 record, showcasing their dominance on the court. In an exciting four-set match against Stanford, they emerged victorious. Alakai Todd and Elu Choy have been instrumental in leading the team in kills and digs, respectively. Hawaii’s next challenge is a rematch against Stanford, where they hope to continue their winning streak.

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No. 4 UCLA

UCLA enters the roundup with an 8-2 record, positioning themselves as a strong contender. Their win against UC Irvine sets the stage for their upcoming match against Long Beach State. Cooper Robinson and Merrick McHenry have been instrumental in leading the team in kills and blocks, respectively. UCLA is gearing up for a thrilling weekend of volleyball.

No. 5 Stanford

Stanford, with a 7-2 record, remains in the top five despite suffering two losses. They are eager to bounce back in their rematch against Hawaii. Kevin Lamp and Luke Turner have been standout performers for the team in kills and digs, respectively. Stanford aims to get back on track and climb up the rankings.

NCAA Division III

No. 1 Wentworth

Wentworth continues to impress with an unbeaten 8-0 record. Their recent win against Emmanuel solidifies their position as the top team in Division III. Jacob Labouliere and Jacob Waga have been leading the team in kills and digs, respectively. Wentworth looks forward to maintaining their momentum in the upcoming Statesman Volleyball Classic.

No. 2 Stevens

Stevens is off to a fantastic start with an 11-1 record. They have had little trouble in their recent matches, only dropping one set out of their last four. Kevin Herbst and Christopher Varseveld have been key contributors in kills and blocks, respectively. Stevens gears up for the New Paltz Tri-Match and the Patrick Dorywalski Classic.

No. 3 Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia has been unstoppable, boasting a perfect 8-0 record. Christian Sheaffer and Justin Madsen have been leading the team in kills and digs, respectively. The Knights are ready to face off against Stevenson and Eastern Mennonite.

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No. 4 Springfield

Springfield makes a big jump in the rankings, moving up from No. 7. With an 8-1 record, they have been turning heads. Evan Costley and Chris Rouleau have been standout performers in kills and blocks, respectively. Springfield will face Endicott and New Paltz in their upcoming matches.

No. 5 Cal Lutheran

Cal Lutheran holds the No. 5 spot with an 11-3 record. Michael Stahl and Taylor Marks have been leading the team in kills and digs, respectively. Cal Lutheran looks forward to their upcoming match against UC Santa Barbara.


Q1: Which team holds the top spot in Division I/II rankings?

A1: Long Beach State currently holds the top spot in the Division I/II rankings.

Q2: Who is the standout player for Grand Canyon?

A2: Camden Gianni has been a standout performer for Grand Canyon.

Q3: Which team is the top-ranked in Division III?

A3: Wentworth is the top-ranked team in Division III.

Q4: Who are the leading players for Hawaii?

A4: Alakai Todd leads in kills and Elu Choy leads in digs for Hawaii.


In this week’s Men’s College Roundup, we saw some intense matchups and standout performances. Long Beach State and Grand Canyon continue to dominate in Division I/II, while Wentworth maintains their position as the top team in Division III. The stage is set for thrilling rematches and exciting volleyball action in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to catch all the action on the court!

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