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Men’s College Roundup for Feb. 16

The college volleyball scene continues to deliver exciting matches and showcase talented athletes. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at some notable performances and team rankings.

NCAA Division I/II

No. 1 Long Beach State

Long Beach State remains at the top spot, despite suffering their first loss of the season. They split two matches with No. 4 UCLA, winning the first game but falling in the second. Standout players for Long Beach State include Clarke Godbold, who had 15 kills, and Mason Briggs, who recorded 16 digs. The team looks to bounce back in their upcoming matches.

No. 2 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon University continues their undefeated streak with a 3-0 victory over Daemen. Camden Gianni and Jackson Hickman led the team with nine kills each. The team gears up for two matches against BYU.

No. 3 Hawaii

Hawaii secures their position at No. 3 with a dominant performance against Stanford. Spyros Chakas stood out with 23 kills, earning him the AVCA Player of the Week title. Hawaii looks to extend their winning streak as they prepare to face Missouri S&T.

No. 4 UCLA

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Reigning NCAA champions, UCLA, split their matches with Long Beach State and added a 3-0 victory against Pepperdine. Alex Knight led the team with 10 kills, while Ethan Champlin contributed with nine digs. The Bruins now prepare for their upcoming matches against Pepperdine and BYU.

No. 5 Stanford

Stanford, despite recent setbacks, maintains their position in the top 5. The team split matches with CSUN and faced a tough 3-0 loss against Hawaii. Standout performances by Alex Rottman, who recorded 10 kills, and Nathan Lietzke, who had two blocks, kept Stanford in the rankings. They look to bounce back in their matches against UCI and Pepperdine.

NCAA Division III

No. 1 Wentworth

Wentworth remains undefeated with 12 wins, firmly holding the top spot in the Division III rankings. Jacob LaBouliere stood out with 23 kills, earning him the AVCA Player of the Week title and reaching 1000 career kills. The team looks forward to matches against Nichols and Elms.

No. 2 Stevens

Stevens is off to a strong start with a 14-1 record. Their only loss came against No. 1 Wentworth. Percy Bickford led the team with 14 kills in their recent victory against NYU. Stevens looks to continue their winning streak as they host the Stevens Tri-Match #2.

No. 3 Southern Virginia

Southern Virginia holds the No. 3 spot, maintaining an unbeaten record of 11-0. In their latest match against Eastern Mennonite, Jeremy Brown recorded six kills, while Kristo Bianchin contributed five blocks. The Knights prepare for their upcoming match against Randolph Macon.

No. 4 Springfield

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Springfield solidifies their position at No. 4 with a 10-1 record. In their recent victories against Endicott and New Paltz, Evan Costley stood out with 15 kills. The team is set to host a tri-match with Rivier and St. Joseph’s (LI).

No. 5 Cal Lutheran

Cal Lutheran, with an 11-4 record, faced a tough 3-1 loss against DI opponent Santa Barbara. Michael Stahl led the team with 16 kills, while Logan Marks contributed with 10 digs. Cal Lutheran prepares for matches against Calvin, St. Norbert, Rockford, and MSOE.


In this edition, we shine the spotlight on Trent Moser (BYU), Kupono Browne (BYU), Nyherowo Omene (Princeton), Ryan Merk (Penn State), Wesley Smith (USC), Caleb Blanchette (USC), Kyle Paulson (USC), Dillon Klein (USC), Jacob Pasteur (Ohio State), Shane Wetzel (Ohio State), and Parker Van Buren (Loyola Chicago). These players have showcased their skills at the national level and continue to make an impact for their respective teams.


Question: How is the ranking determined in NCAA volleyball?
Answer: The ranking in NCAA volleyball is determined by a panel of coaches from across the country. They consider various factors such as win-loss record, strength of schedule, and performance against ranked opponents.

Question: Can a Division III team compete against Division I teams?
Answer: Yes, Division III teams have the opportunity to compete against Division I teams. These matchups provide an excellent opportunity for Division III teams to test their skills against higher-ranked opponents.

Question: Who are some key players to watch in NCAA volleyball this season?
Answer: Some key players to watch this season include Clarke Godbold (Long Beach State), Mason Briggs (Long Beach State), Camden Gianni (Grand Canyon), Spyros Chakas (Hawaii), and Alex Knight (UCLA). These players have consistently delivered outstanding performances for their respective teams.

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In this week’s men’s college volleyball roundup, Long Beach State retains the top spot despite their first loss of the season. Grand Canyon University remains undefeated, while standout performances from Hawaii and UCLA keep them in the top 5. Wentworth continues to dominate in Division III, and Stevens follows closely behind. Southern Virginia remains unbeaten, while Cal Lutheran faces tough competition. Keep an eye on the highlighted players who are making waves in the NCAA volleyball scene.