Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Lessons From a Nose Flute

When it comes to sports, we often prioritize strength and conditioning. However, in volleyball, where reading the game is crucial, it’s important to focus on developing that skill. Even at the beginner or average level of play, fitness level is not the determining factor for winning. It’s about improving skill and specificity in training.

Speaking of skills, let’s talk about the nose flute. It may seem like a peculiar musical instrument, but it offers a unique learning experience. Unlike other motor programs, playing the nose flute requires specific instructions as the learner can’t see how it’s played. This makes it a great team-building exercise or a fun activity at parties.

In the world of volleyball, there has been a shift towards coaching and drilling, even in the beach game. However, there is value in intrinsic learning and mentorship. The growth of women’s beach volleyball as an NCAA varsity sport is a step in the right direction. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated individuals, we now have more opportunities for collegiate beach volleyball.

Doubles volleyball, which simplifies the game and emphasizes reading skills, has been promoted by organizations like USA Volleyball. Despite some resistance from indoor coaches, playing doubles can enhance overall performance. Young players benefit from competing against adults, even if it means more losses initially.

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Now, back to the nose flute. Consider using it as a team bonding activity, allowing everyone to develop a new skill and build competency. Additionally, teaching juggling can be a fun and confidence-building exercise. Just remember to prioritize volleyball training and reserve juggling for times when you don’t have access to a court.


Q: Why is reading the game so important in volleyball?
A: Reading the game is crucial in volleyball because of the rebound aspect, three contact limit, and small court space characteristics. It allows players to anticipate and react to the game effectively.

Q: Can playing the nose flute improve volleyball skills?
A: Playing the nose flute may not directly improve volleyball skills, but it offers a unique learning experience that can help with focus, concentration, and teamwork.

Q: What are the benefits of playing doubles volleyball?
A: Doubles volleyball simplifies the game, enhances reading skills, and gets players accustomed to the ball coming over the net. It can greatly improve overall performance in both indoor and beach volleyball.


In volleyball, the importance of reading the game cannot be overstated. While strength and conditioning are essential, developing the skill to read the game is crucial for success. The nose flute, a unique musical instrument, offers a valuable learning experience that can be used for team bonding or as a fun activity. In the world of volleyball, there has been a shift towards coaching and drilling, but the value of intrinsic learning and mentorship should not be forgotten. The growth of women’s beach volleyball as an NCAA varsity sport is a positive step forward. Doubles volleyball has been promoted to enhance skills and performance. Lastly, consider incorporating activities like juggling to build confidence and add variety to training sessions.

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