Thursday, 23 May 2024

Hill Excited for Return to Lineup at Olympic Qualifier

After taking a break from playing this summer, Kim Hill, outside hitter for the U.S. Women’s National Team, is looking forward to representing Team USA at the Tokyo Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament. Held from August 2nd to August 4th in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana, this tournament is a crucial step towards securing a spot in the 2020 Olympic Games.

A Well-Deserved Rest

Following the FIVB World Championship, Hill transitioned directly from the U.S. Women’s National Team to her professional team, Imoco Conegliano in Italy. As a key player, she helped Conegliano win the Italian Serie A1 title, and their season extended even further as they competed in the European Champions League finals. Despite not participating in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, where the U.S. Women’s National Team emerged victorious, Hill used the break to recharge mentally and physically.

Ready to Rejoin the Team

Grateful for the time off, Hill is now eager to reunite with her teammates and pursue their shared goal of Olympic qualification. The demanding schedule of constantly transitioning between club and international play has been challenging, but Hill appreciates the opportunity to have a breather. She feels refreshed and prepared to compete alongside her fellow athletes.

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Building Team Chemistry

While Hill rested, she closely followed her teammates’ success in the VNL tournament. Though she missed being on the court with them, she is excited to reconnect and strengthen their bond. This tournament has allowed her to get to know the younger players who she didn’t have a chance to meet during the VNL. Hill values the team’s deep talent pool, which has been crucial to their achievements this summer, and she believes it will be key to their success in the Olympic qualifier.

Honoring the Red, White, and Blue

As one of the veterans on the team, Hill’s experience and achievements have made her appreciate the honor of representing the USA. Winning a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games and being named MVP of the 2014 FIVB World Championship have only deepened her pride in wearing the red, white, and blue. Hill is committed to pursuing the ultimate goal of an Olympic gold medal.

Tokyo Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament Schedule

  • Aug. 2: USA vs. Kazakhstan, 6 p.m. (live on Olympic Channel)
  • Aug. 3: USA vs. Bulgaria, 5 p.m. (live on Olympic Channel)
  • Aug. 4: USA vs. Argentina, 1 p.m. (live on NBC)

The opportunity to qualify for the Olympic Games on home soil in Shreveport-Bossier City adds an extra layer of excitement for Hill. She believes that with the support of their families and friends, Team USA has a great chance of succeeding. The thought of hearing the national anthem and seeing the American flag raised before their matches fills Hill with immense pride and emotion.

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Q: What is the Tokyo Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament?
A: The Tokyo Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament is a competition where teams vie for a chance to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Q: When and where is the tournament taking place?
A: The tournament will be held from August 2nd to August 4th in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana.

Q: Which teams is Team USA playing against?
A: Team USA will face Kazakhstan on August 2nd, Bulgaria on August 3rd, and Argentina on August 4th.


Kim Hill’s return to the U.S. Women’s National Team lineup for the Olympic Qualifier marks an exciting chapter in her career. After a well-deserved break, she is ready to contribute her skills and experience to help Team USA secure their place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. With the support of her teammates, Hill is confident that they can overcome the challenges ahead. As they prepare to step onto the court, each player carries the pride of representing their country and the aspiration of bringing home an Olympic gold medal.