Wednesday, 29 May 2024

High Schools and Their Own Club Teams

I have noticed a growing trend in the club volleyball world, especially in southwest Missouri. More and more high schools are forming their own club teams. There are several reasons for this, such as coaches wanting to keep their players together to help their high school team reach its full potential or the lack of affordable club teams nearby. However, this raises concerns about the impact on the players’ future volleyball careers.

To gain insights into this trend, I reached out to college coaches from different levels and asked for their opinions. The responses varied, with some coaches highlighting the benefits of players learning from different coaches and playing with girls from other high schools. Others didn’t see a problem as long as the players were developing and facing strong competition.

Coach Chris Willis from Davidson College in North Carolina believes that exposure to different coaching philosophies and playing with various teammates and against tough competition is crucial for individual player development. Coach Jim Moore from the University of Oregon also emphasizes the importance of high-level play for the growth of top players.

On the other hand, Coach Chris Herron from Washburn University in Kansas finds it wrong for high school coaches to require playing club in order to play for the high school team. Coach Nicole Cirillo from IUPUI appreciates the opportunity for players to challenge themselves and be surrounded by teammates who push them to improve. She also acknowledges the value of different coaching styles.

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Coach Nicholas Griffin of Georgetown College in Kentucky and his assistants believe that the decision to form a club team depends on the specific circumstances. In some cases, it may be necessary due to location issues or to benefit the high school season. However, they do note that top players on these teams are often held back and may need to seek out the best coaching and environment to reach the next level.

Coach Jason Holt from Missouri S&T agrees that every situation is unique but suggests that playing with players from different teams can be beneficial unless the level of players and competition in the high school team is strong enough for players to improve.

In summary, while opinions vary among college coaches, the general consensus is that it may not matter whether players participate in their high school’s club team or a different club team, as long as they have the opportunity to excel. Playing on a high school club team can offer its own benefits, but it is also valuable for players to experience different coaching styles and a higher level of play during their club season.


Q: Why are more high schools creating their own club teams?
A: High schools form their own club teams for various reasons, such as coaches wanting to keep their players together to maximize their high school team’s potential or the lack of affordable club teams in close proximity to the players.

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Q: Is it beneficial for players to play with girls from other high schools?
A: Opinions among college coaches vary. Some believe that playing with girls from other high schools allows players to learn from different coaches, experience different playing styles, and face strong competition. Others believe that playing with teammates from the same high school can be beneficial if the level of players and competition is strong enough to foster improvement.

Q: What is the importance of exposure to different coaching styles and high-level play for players?
A: Exposure to different coaching philosophies and playing against top-level competition can contribute to the development of individual players. It provides them with new experiences, challenges, and perspectives that can help them grow in the sport.


In conclusion, the trend of high schools forming their own club teams in the world of volleyball has generated various opinions among college coaches. While some believe that playing with girls from other high schools offers advantages in terms of learning, experiencing different coaching styles, and facing strong competition, others see benefits in players staying with their high school team if the level of players and competition is high enough. Ultimately, the goal is to provide players with opportunities to excel and develop their skills, whether through their high school’s club team or another club team.