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Hailey Harward and Julia Scoles Dominate World University Championships


The U.S. beach volleyball duo of Hailey Harward and Julia Scoles emerged victorious at the prestigious World University Championships in Maceio, Brazil. Despite being the 28th seed, Harward and Scoles demonstrated their skill and determination, finishing the tournament with an impressive 6-1 record. In the final, they triumphed over Daniela Álvarez and Tania Moreno from Spain, winning 2-0 with set scores of 21-16 and 21-10.

An Exciting Journey to the Top

Harward and Scoles faced a challenging semifinal match against the fourth-seeded German team of Anna-Lena Grüne and Chenoa Christ. Despite the tough competition, Harward and Scoles prevailed with a 2-0 victory, with both sets being decided in overtime with scores of 23-21.

Reflecting on their journey, Harward expressed her delight, saying, “We had a lot of ups and downs in the match and ended both sets in overtime, which was crazy. It was a very fun match under the lights. The crowd was electric. It was a super cool environment.”

Maddie Anderson and Lexy Denaburg’s Strong Performance

The U.S. women’s team of Maddie Anderson and Lexy Denaburg, seeded third, showcased their skills and determination throughout the tournament. While they finished ninth overall, their journey was not without its challenges. In the ninth-place final, they faced Canada’s Lea Monkhouse and Molley McBain, the top-seeded team from their country. Anderson and Denaburg delivered an impressive performance, triumphing over their opponents with a 2-1 victory (21-15, 19-21, 15-13).

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Reflecting on the experience, Anderson revealed, “My ultimate takeaway is that international play is way different than collegiate competition. We had to fight through adversity and play some difficult games to place ninth. I’m happy with the experience, and I can’t wait for more with Lex.”

Denaburg added, “Three weeks ago, I didn’t even know if I would be able to play, so I’m just blessed to be here. This was my first international tournament, and I’ve learned about more than just volleyball. It was a long, hot tournament, but I’m proud of how Maddie and I finished.”

Strong Performances from the U.S. Men’s Teams

The U.S. men’s teams also showcased their talent and determination at the World University Championships. Despite facing stiff competition, all three teams finished in the top 25.

The team of Sebastian Rodriguez and Jack Walmer, seeded 22nd, finished 15th overall. In their 15th-place match, they demonstrated their resilience and skill, defeating Switzerland’s Nathan Broch and Flavio Sütterlin with a 2-1 victory (21-19, 14-21, 15-11). Walmer commented on their performance, saying, “There is only one thing that comes to mind for this tourney, and that is fighting through adversity. We both got sick at the same time, which led to a very rough couple of days of competition. But we do get to leave Maceio on a win.”

Rodriguez added, “This was a difficult tournament for a handful of reasons. Coming back from steep deficits in matches, playing new and unseen high-level competition, and playing through sickness. You have to be OK with things being ugly and battling through adversity.”

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Wyatt Harrison and Charlie Siragusa, seeded 25th, secured the 21st spot by triumphing over Costa Rica’s Luis Alejandro Padilla and Criforth Fallas Lobo with a 2-0 victory (21-9, 21-15).

Heath Hughes and Ryan Smith, seeded 30th, demonstrated their determination and skill, finishing in the 25th position. They concluded the tournament with a convincing 2-0 victory (26-24, 21-14) over Chile’s Martin Alejandro Sandoval and Tomas Francisco Reyes.


  1. How did Hailey Harward and Julia Scoles perform at the World University Championships?
    Hailey Harward and Julia Scoles took the gold medal at the World University Championships, displaying exceptional skills and determination.

  2. Was it the first international tournament for Maddie Anderson and Lexy Denaburg?
    Yes, it was. Maddie Anderson and Lexy Denaburg competed in their first international tournament and showcased their talent against top-level competition.

  3. Did any of the U.S. men’s teams achieve notable results at the championships?
    Yes, the U.S. men’s teams delivered strong performances, with Sebastian Rodriguez and Jack Walmer finishing 15th, Wyatt Harrison and Charlie Siragusa securing the 21st spot, and Heath Hughes and Ryan Smith placing 25th.


The World University Championships in Maceio, Brazil, witnessed impressive performances from the U.S. beach volleyball teams. Hailey Harward and Julia Scoles claimed gold, demonstrating their skill and determination. Maddie Anderson, Lexy Denaburg, and the U.S. men’s teams also showcased their talent and resilience, securing commendable results. These athletes have proven themselves as formidable competitors in the world of beach volleyball, and their achievements at the championships serve as a testament to their dedication and hard work.

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