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Golden Ball Handed Out to 14 Teams on Final Day of GJNC

The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship concluded its 12th and final day with an impressive display of talent and determination at the Indiana Convention Center. Teams from various divisions competed fiercely, culminating in the awarding of gold, silver, and bronze medals to 14 deserving teams. This year marked the last time that the 11-13 age groups would participate in the same event as the 14-17 age groups, with future championships being split across different cities. Let’s dive into the thrilling results and remarkable achievements of the championship matches.

Open Division

Despite facing initial challenges, MADFROG 16 N Green (North Texas) emerged victorious in the 16 Open Division. Led by tournament MVP Lainee Pyles, MADFROG rallied and defeated A5 Mizuno 16-Gabe in the final. Coach Nicole Bramschreiber expressed her admiration for the team’s resilience, overcoming injuries and adversity throughout the season to secure this well-deserved win. In the 17 Open final, 1st Alliance 17 Gold (Great Lakes) claimed the championship title against Minnesota Select 17-1 (North Country), with Kennedy Wagner receiving the MVP honors.

National Division

The Badger Region shone brightly in the National Division, with MKE Sting 17 Gold emerging as victors in their age group. Sylvie Zgnoc, named MVP, contributed to the team’s success as they defeated 1st Alliance 17 Silver (Great Lakes) in the final. In the 16 National final, FC Elite 16 Navy triumphed over Six Pack 16 (Iowa), with Peyton Carlson earning the MVP title.

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USA Division

AZ EPIC 16-Elite Mike (Arizona) captured the 16 USA Division title after an intense battle with Miami Hype 16 Emilio (Florida). The MVP, Raechelle Dykstra, inspired her team to stage a comeback and secure victory. In the 17 USA Division, Skyline 17 Black (North Texas) overcame Sky High-adidas 17 Elite (Great Lakes) to claim the championship crown. Kenna Buchanan’s outstanding performance earned her the MVP honors.

American Division

Union 16-1 UA (Pioneer) dominated the 16 American category, showcasing their skill and strength throughout the tournament. They emerged triumphant against RockKC 16-1 (Ohio Valley) in the final, with Lilly Tappel being recognized as the MVP. In the 17 American division, Iowa Select 17 Mizuno (Iowa) emerged undefeated, defeating NKYVC 17-1 Tsunami (Pioneer) in a thrilling final. Libero Megan DePoorter expressed her joy and satisfaction, emphasizing the team’s resilience and hard work. Ava Schubert was awarded the MVP title.

Freedom Division

Club Ignit Select 16 Blue (Iowa) demonstrated their determination and resilience, winning the 16 Freedom Division after several challenging matches. In the final, they overcame Katy United 16 adidas in a hard-fought battle, with Noelle Sudcliffe securing the MVP title. Wildfire Brian 17 (Florida) achieved an impressive victory in the 17 Freedom division, defeating Gulfside 17U Prime (Florida) in a closely contested match. Tournament MVP Alexander Bruno expressed his gratitude and pride in his team’s ability to overcome adversity.

Liberty Division

A5 Mizuno 16-Stephen showcased their perseverance and teamwork, ultimately winning the 16 Liberty Division. They triumphed over NPJ Salem 16 National (Columbia Empire) in a thrilling three-set match. Gabriela Fullwood received the MVP title for her outstanding contributions. In the 17 Liberty Division, Texas Legacy 17 Elite (Lone Star) emerged triumphant after a hard-fought battle against Flyers 17 APX-Chip (North Texas). Olivia Comeaux’s exceptional performance earned her the MVP honors.

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Patriot Division

Ozark Juniors 16 Elite (Delta) demonstrated their resilience and determination, bouncing back from an earlier loss to claim the 16 Patriot title against Empowered 16 Elite Black (Hoosier). Quincy Schaffer expressed her pride and relief in her team’s well-deserved victory. Additionally, Empowered 17 club (Elite Black) secured the 17 Patriot title, showcasing their tenacity and skill throughout the tournament.


Q: How many divisions were there in the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship?
A: There were a total of seven divisions in the championship, each consisting of different age groups.

Q: Which team emerged as the champions in the Open Division?
A: MADFROG 16 N Green (North Texas) claimed the championship title in the Open Division.

Q: Who was the MVP in the 16 Open Division?
A: Lainee Pyles, the tournament MVP, played a pivotal role in MADFROG’s victory.

Q: Who won the 17 Open final?
A: 1st Alliance 17 Gold (Great Lakes) emerged as victors in the 17 Open final.

Q: Which region dominated the National Division?
A: The Badger Region showcased its strength by winning both age groups in the National Division.


The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championship concluded with an exhilarating showcase of talent and determination. Fourteen teams from different divisions emerged as champions, leaving their mark on the prestigious tournament. From MADFROG’s triumph in the Open Division to Texas Legacy’s victory in the 17 Liberty Division, each team showcased their exceptional skills and resilience. The tournament served as a platform for young athletes to demonstrate their passion for the sport while fostering camaraderie and unforgettable experiences. Congratulations to all the teams for their outstanding performances, and let the spirit of the championship continue to inspire future generations of athletes.

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