Tuesday, 28 May 2024

GOLD! Girls U19 Team Wins World Title

The U.S. Girls U19 National Team achieved an incredible victory, winning the gold in a thrilling 3-2 comeback against Türkiye at the FIVB Girls U19 World Championship in Osijek, Croatia. This remarkable win marks the third consecutive medal for the United States in this event and their first-ever girls U19 world championship.

Upholding a Legacy of Excellence

The U.S. team, with an unbeaten record of 9-0 in the tournament, displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout. Their success builds upon a history of podium finishes, with previous achievements including gold in 2019, silver in 2013 and 2015, and bronze in 2021 in the U18 World Championship.

MVP and Stellar Performances

Abby Vander Wal, the team’s outside hitter, delivered a standout performance in the final, leading the U.S. with 19 points (15 kills, two blocks, two aces). Her outstanding contributions earned her the tournament MVP title and Best Outside Hitter. Teraya Sigler was also recognized as the Next Best Outside Hitter, showcasing the team’s depth of talent.

A Team Effort and Unyielding Spirit

Vander Wal humbly attributed her individual awards to the collective effort of her teammates, emphasizing the camaraderie and trust within the team. Their shared goal of becoming world champions drove their unwavering dedication. The U.S. team’s exceptional teamwork and contributions from every player resulted in an undefeated run to the title.

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Overcoming Adversity

The road to victory was not an easy one. Türkiye started the match strongly, taking early leads in the first two sets. However, the U.S. team rallied and launched an impressive comeback. A pivotal coaching decision to bring in Charlie Fuerbringer at setter during the first set sparked a change in momentum. The team’s tenacity and resilience ultimately led them to triumph.

Key Performances and Dominant Sets

Sigler and Abigail Mullen stood out in the third and fourth sets, with Sigler scoring six points on six kills and Mullen adding three kills. The U.S. team’s dominance continued in the fifth set, where middle blocker Favor Anyanwu played a crucial role with three blocks. Anyanwu’s outstanding performance included five blocks, 11 kills, and two aces in the match.

Statistical Highlights

The U.S. team showcased their prowess in various statistical categories, leading in kills (61-48) and aces (5-3). Although Türkiye had the advantage in blocks (17-16), it was not enough to overcome the U.S. team’s exceptional performance. Both teams demonstrated exemplary play at the net, making it an intense and thrilling matchup.

A Testimony of Passion and Celebration

The U.S. team’s spirit and energy were palpable on the court, reflecting the passion that volleyball ignites. Teraya Sigler emphasized the emotional nature of the sport and the team’s joyous celebration. Their vibrant presence and enjoyment of the game added to the spectacle of this historic victory.


Q: How many consecutive medals has the U.S. Girls U19 National Team won?
The U.S. Girls U19 National Team has now won three consecutive medals in the FIVB Girls U19 World Championship.

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Q: Who was named MVP of the tournament?
Abby Vander Wal, the team’s outside hitter, was named the tournament MVP.

Q: What were the key factors that led to the U.S. team’s comeback?
The U.S. team’s comeback was fueled by their unwavering spirit, exceptional teamwork, and contributions from each player. A pivotal coaching decision also played a role in changing the momentum of the match.


The U.S. Girls U19 National Team achieved a historic victory at the FIVB Girls U19 World Championship, winning the gold medal in a thrilling 3-2 comeback against Türkiye. This marked their third consecutive medal in the event and their first-ever girls U19 world championship. Led by tournament MVP Abby Vander Wal, the team displayed exceptional skill, resilience, and teamwork throughout the tournament. Their unwavering determination and outstanding performances propelled them to victory, showcasing the depth of talent within the team. This triumphant moment serves as a testament to their passion, exceptional abilities, and the bright future of U.S. volleyball.

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