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GJNC Crown Champions in the 14 Divisions

The USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championship at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis kicked off with a bang as the first day of championship matches concluded. Excitement filled the air as teams battled it out for the coveted titles in the 14 divisions.

A Hard-Fought Victory

In the 14 Open division, the OT 14 Asics Red from Florida emerged victorious, securing their championship title by defeating Mintonette Sports from Ohio Valley in a thrilling match. Team captain Cierra Jenkins expressed her elation, stating, “It feels amazing. My team and I worked so hard for this all season. We didn’t win necessarily all of the tournaments, but the two that counted, we won it all.”

Perseverance and Determination

To achieve their triumph in Indianapolis, the OT 14 Asics Red team relied on their energy and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Jenkins emphasized the importance of never giving up, saying, “We couldn’t give up or let up on some teams; we just kept killing it.”

A Merger That Leads to Success

OT 14 Asics Red was formed through the merger of two prominent clubs in Florida, the Orlando Volleyball Academy and the Tampa Bay Volleyball Academy, in the summer of 2015. Since then, the club has flourished, boasting approximately 100 teams and 1,000 athletes.

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Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing formidable opponents, the 14 Open team remained undefeated throughout the tournament, winning all 11 matches. They encountered intense competition, with four teams pushing them to three sets, including Dynasty 14 Black from the Heart of America region in the semi-finals.

Medalists of the Night

The medalists in the 14 divisions are as follows:

14 Open

  • Gold: OT 14 Asics Red (FL)
  • Silver: Mintonette Sports (OV)
  • Bronze: Dynasty 14 Black (HA)
  • Bronze: Wave 14 Tammy (SC)

14 American

  • Gold: Club H 14 Kevin (SC)
  • Silver: Shockwave VB Academy F14 (HA)
  • Bronze: Nebraska Elite 14 Havoc (GP)
  • Bronze: CinciVB Acad 14-1 Conley (OV)

14 National

  • Gold: HJV 14 Elite (LS)
  • Silver: KC Power 14-1 (HA)
  • Bronze: Tstreet 14-Shawn (SC)
  • Bronze: Lonestar 14 EP (NT)

14 Patriot

  • Gold: Elevation 14 O’Connor (OV)
  • Silver: SASVBC 14 Red (AH)
  • Bronze: Boost14 (PS)
  • Bronze: LAVA West 14 Adidas (SC)

14 USA

  • Gold: Elevation 14-1 (OV)
  • Silver: Six Pack 14 (IA)
  • Bronze: OT 14 Asics White (FL)
  • Bronze: Instinct 14 Leopards Wild G (NT)

Collegiate National Team

  • CNT Blue emerged victorious over CNT White in the second exhibition match of the USAV Collegiate National Team program. Azariah Stahl, hailing from Elkhart, Ind., and attending Purdue University, showcased her skills as she led CNT Blue to a four-set victory with 14 points.


Q: How many teams and athletes are part of the OT 14 Asics Red club?
A: The OT 14 Asics Red club, formed through the merger of the Orlando Volleyball Academy and the Tampa Bay Volleyball Academy, currently boasts approximately 100 teams and 1,000 athletes.

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Q: How did the OT 14 Asics Red team overcome challenges throughout the tournament?
A: The OT 14 Asics Red team demonstrated perseverance and determination, refusing to give up in the face of tough competition. They utilized strategic blocking and took advantage of the skills they honed during practice to secure their victories.


The USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championship in Indianapolis showcased an array of talented teams competing fiercely for victory. The OT 14 Asics Red team from Florida emerged as the champions in the 14 Open division, impressing everyone with their unwavering commitment and exceptional performance. This success is a testament to the club’s merger and the hard work put in by the athletes. The tournament featured thrilling matches, displaying the immense talent and dedication of these young volleyball players. Congratulations to all the medalists and participants for their outstanding achievements.

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