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GJNC Comes Full Circle With Another Win for Tstreet

The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships concluded with an exciting victory for Tstreet (Southern California Region) at the 16 Open final in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a remarkable achievement for the team, as they had previously won the first final of the event in the 14 Open category. The tournament showcased Tstreet’s exceptional performance and their ability to dominate the court.

Tstreet’s 16 Open team demonstrated their skill and determination by defeating TAV 16 Black with a score of 25-18, 25-15 on the championship court. The team’s head coach, Mike Murphy, expressed his pride in their success, stating that Tstreet had a total of six medals in the competition. The victory was a testament to their hard work and dedication.

One of the remarkable aspects of Tstreet’s performance was their balanced and versatile playing style. According to Coach Murphy, every girl on the team possesses a wide range of skills, making them a formidable force on the court. Their success does not rely on a single player or strategy but rather on the collective effort of the entire team. This cohesion and versatility have made Tstreet the best team in the country.

Throughout the tournament, Tstreet demonstrated their excellence in multiple aspects of the game. Their blocking was particularly effective in the final match, and their strong hitting prevented them from being blocked frequently. Captain Jessica Smith praised the team’s performance, highlighting their overall strength and unity. Despite facing tough competition, Tstreet remained focused on their own game and did not let the pressure affect their performance. Their ability to remain calm and composed in challenging situations set them apart from their opponents.

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TAV (Southern California Region), the runner-up in the 16 Open category, had also showcased impressive skills throughout the tournament. They had not lost a set until their match against Coast 16-1 (Southern California Region) and displayed resilience in their matches against Skyline 16 Royal (North Texas Region) in the semifinals.

In the 16 National division, Mintonette (Ohio Valley Region) emerged as the champions with a convincing victory over SA Magic 16 Elite (Lone Star Region). Both teams had remained undefeated until the final match. Skyline 16 Black (North Texas Region) and KC Power 16-1 (Heart of America Region) secured tied third place.

Spike and Serve Red (Aloha Region) captured the gold medal in the 16 American category, defeating Black Swamp 161 (Ohio Valley Region) in a thrilling three-set match. Tribe 16 Elite Brett (Florida Region) and Excel 16 National Red (North Texas Region) claimed third place.

Houston Stellar (Lone Star Region) showcased their dominance in the 16 USA division, losing only one set throughout the tournament. They secured the title by defeating Wave 16 Jimmy (Southern California Region) with a score of 25-23, 25-14 in the final match. Forza1 16 UA (Southern California Region) and Northern Lights 16-2 (North Country Region) shared third place.

In the 16 Patriot category, Nova Juniors 16s Navy (Ohio Valley Region) displayed their determination by bouncing back from a loss in the first set of the final match against Lava West 16 adidas (Southern California Region). They managed to win the deciding set with a score of 15-7, securing the victory. TVC 16-1 (Ohio Valley Region) and Unified 16-2 (Lakeshore Region) tied for third place.

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Overall, the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition. Tstreet’s success in the 16 Open category highlighted their strength as a team and their ability to perform under pressure. The tournament was a testament to the hard work and dedication of all the participating teams and showcased the bright future of volleyball in the United States.


Q: Where did the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships take place?

The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships were held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Q: Which team won the 16 Open category?

Tstreet, from the Southern California Region, emerged as the winners of the 16 Open category.

Q: How many medals did Tstreet win in the tournament?

Tstreet won a total of six medals in the tournament.

Q: Who was the head coach of the Tstreet 16 Open team?

Mike Murphy was the head coach of the Tstreet 16 Open team.

Q: Who were the runners-up in the 16 Open category?

TAV, from the Southern California Region, secured second place in the 16 Open category.


The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships provided thrilling matches and showcased the exceptional talent of young volleyball players. Tstreet’s success in the 16 Open category demonstrated their skills and teamwork, making them the best team in the country. The tournament overall was a celebration of the sport and a testament to the dedication and hard work of all the participating teams.