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U.S. Girls Youth Team Excels at FIVB U18 Worlds

U.S. Girls Youth National Team

The U.S. Girls Youth National Team showcased their talent and determination at the FIVB Girls U18 World Championship, finishing in eighth place. While they fell short in the match against Argentina, the team’s performance throughout the tournament was commendable.

Battling Their Way to the Quarterfinals

The U.S. team faced a tough pool at the start of the tournament, but they persevered and made it out of pool play. Their victory against Brazil, the 2017 South American champions, kickstarted a three-match winning streak that secured their spot in the quarterfinals. It was a testament to their skill and resilience.

Team USA Starters and Stat Leaders

The U.S. team’s starters were:

  • Libero: Brooke Nuneviller
  • Setter: Selina Xu
  • Middles: Holly Campbell, Kendall Kipp
  • Opposite: Mica Allison
  • Outside Hitters: Skylar Fields, Madi Kubik

The team’s stat leaders were:

  • Points: Kendall Kipp (15), Skylar Fields (12), Mica Allison (10), Holly Campbell (9)
  • Kills: Kendall Kipp (9), Madi Kubik (7), Holly Campbell (6), Mica Allison (6)
  • Blocks: Mica Allison (4), Kendall Kipp (3), Selina Xu (3), Skylar Fields (2), Holly Campbell (2)
  • Aces: Skylar Fields (5), Kendall Kipp (3)
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The team displayed great offensive diversity, with the middles playing a significant role in the attack. Kendall Kipp led the team in scoring with 15 points, including nine kills, three blocks, and three aces. Skylar Fields contributed 12 points, while Mica Allison had 10 points.

Learning Opportunities and Growth

Although the U.S. team encountered challenges throughout the tournament, head coach Jim Stone acknowledged their efforts and resilience. He mentioned that the team fought hard and came close to winning sets and points, but errors proved costly. Despite the outcome, the tournament served as a valuable learning experience for the young athletes.

Stone emphasized the importance of leaving the tournament with increased knowledge and a better understanding of the international game. The players had the opportunity to learn and grow from their exposure to different styles of play, ensuring their development in the right direction.


Q: What was the U.S. Girls Youth National Team’s final ranking at the FIVB U18 Worlds?
A: The team finished in eighth place.

Q: Who were the top performers for Team USA?
A: Kendall Kipp, Skylar Fields, and Mica Allison stood out as the leading contributors.

Q: What were the team’s challenges during the tournament?
A: The team faced tough opponents and struggled with errors, which impacted their performance.

Q: What can the players take away from this experience?
A: The tournament provided valuable learning opportunities and a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the international game.


The U.S. Girls Youth National Team’s performance at the FIVB Girls U18 World Championship demonstrated their talent and determination. While they may not have achieved their desired outcome, their efforts and growth throughout the tournament were noteworthy. With continued dedication and experience, these young athletes have a promising future ahead.

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