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Girls U19 Training Team Showcases a Blend of Familiar and New Faces

USA Volleyball is thrilled to unveil the talented athletes chosen for the 2022 Girls U19 National Training Team in Colorado Springs, Colo. The group, consisting of 20 exceptional players, will embark on an intensive training program from July 6 to July 15 in Tulsa, Okla. From this dedicated cohort, 12 athletes will earn the chance to compete at the prestigious 2022 Girls U19 Pan Am Cup, which will take place from July 18 to July 23 at the Cox Business Convention Center in Tulsa. This remarkable tournament will be held alongside the highly anticipated 2022 USA Volleyball All Star Championship.

Leading this promising team is Jamie Morrison, an experienced coach who has garnered international recognition through his contributions to three U.S. Olympic medal-winning coaching staffs. Assisting him are Michelle Chatman-Smith, an accomplished coach with a wealth of experience in the Development Program pipeline, and Keegan Cook, the esteemed head coach at the University of Washington.

Morrison expresses his excitement about the potential this group of athletes possesses, and he and the coaching staff are eager to guide them in harnessing their talent during the training block. However, Morrison emphasizes that it is the responsibility of each athlete to shape themselves into the player they aspire to be for years to come.

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Five players from the highly accomplished 2021 Girls U18 Team, which secured a bronze medal at the FIVB World Championship, return to the roster. These include outside hitters Julia Blyashov and Harper Murray, setter Bergen Reilly, libero Lainey Choboy, and middle blocker Maggie Mendelson.

Additionally, the roster showcases a formidable lineup of outside hitters, consisting of Skyler Pierce, Emerson Sellman, Macaria Spears, and Torrey Stafford. The team’s middle blockers include Ayden Ames, Nya Bunton, Andi Jackson, and Alec Rothe. Completing the roster are Olivia Babcock, Kira Hutson, Kennedy Martin, and Abigail Mullen, who serve as the team’s opposites. Charlie Fuerbringer and Isabella Starck take on the pivotal role of setters, while Olivia Mauch assumes the role of the second libero.

Representing the strength and diversity of talent across the United States, the roster includes players from fifteen USA Volleyball regions. Southern California dominates with four players, while the Rocky Mountain and Chesapeake regions each contribute two players. One player from the Lone Star, Pioneer, Carolina, Great Lakes, Badger, Great Plains, Intermountain, Lakeshore, Heart of America, North Country, and Ohio Valley regions respectively make up the rest of the roster.

Guided by the experienced coaching staff and featuring a combination of seasoned athletes and promising newcomers, the Girls U19 Training Team is primed to deliver remarkable performances in their upcoming competitions. Keep an eye on these exceptional athletes as they continue to develop their skills and redefine the future of U19 volleyball.


Q: How many athletes are selected for the 2022 Girls U19 National Training Team?
A: A total of 20 talented athletes have been chosen for the 2022 Girls U19 National Training Team.

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Q: When and where will the team undergo their training program?
A: The team will undergo their extensive training program from July 6 to July 15 in Tulsa, Okla.

Q: How many players from the team will compete at the 2022 Girls U19 Pan Am Cup?
A: Twelve players from the Girls U19 National Training Team will be selected to compete at the 2022 Girls U19 Pan Am Cup.

Q: Who is the head coach of the Girls U19 Training Team?
A: The team’s head coach is Jamie Morrison, an accomplished coach who has been a part of three U.S. Olympic medal-winning coaching staffs.

Q: Which regions are represented in the roster?
A: The roster features players from fifteen USA Volleyball regions, with Southern California leading the way with four players.


The Girls U19 Training Team has assembled an impressive lineup of athletes for the 2022 season. Under the guidance of head coach Jamie Morrison and his accomplished coaching staff, this team aims to maximize its potential through rigorous training. With a combination of experienced players and emerging talents, the team is ready to leave a lasting impact in the world of U19 volleyball. Stay tuned as this exceptional team competes in the upcoming Girls U19 Pan Am Cup and showcases their unwavering dedication and remarkable skills. To learn more about the team and follow their journey, visit the official Alpinetgheep website.