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Girls U19 Team Advances to 2023 Worlds Quarterfinals

The U.S. Girls U19 National Team achieved a significant victory, propelling them to the quarterfinals of the FIVB World Championship. In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, they secured a convincing 3-0 win against the Dominican Republic in Osijek, Croatia on August 7, 2023.

A Dominant Performance

The U.S. Girls Team, with a flawless record of 6-0, will face Brazil (4-2) in the quarterfinals on Wednesday. The time of the match is yet to be announced. This thrilling encounter promises to be a clash of titans, showcasing the exceptional talent and determination of both teams.

Match Statistics

Throughout the match, the U.S. dominated various statistical categories. They outperformed the Dominican Republic in kills (40-28), blocks (5-3), and aces (8-4). The U.S. capitalized on Dominican errors, scoring 23 points while only conceding 19.

Standout Performances

The U.S. team showcased their depth of talent, with multiple players making significant contributions to the victory. Outside hitter Abby Vander Wal led the scoring with 13 points, displaying her proficiency with 12 kills and one ace. Middle blocker Favor Anyanwu added 12 points, with eight kills and three blocks. Outside hitter Teraya Sigler also had a noteworthy performance, contributing 11 points.

Key Players

Campbell Flynn demonstrated excellent setting skills, leading the U.S. to a remarkable .398 hitting efficiency and scoring five points with three kills and two aces. Middle blocker Ayden Ames and opposite Abigail Mullen each totaled three points, with Ames achieving three kills and Mullen securing two aces and a kill. Substitutes Becca Kelley and Emerson Sellman also made valuable contributions, each scoring one point.

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Stellar Defense

The U.S. team displayed exceptional defensive prowess, with libero Olivia Mauch credited with three digs and three successful receptions. Flynn and Sigler led the team in digs with five each, and Sigler also stood out in receptions with five.

The World Championship

The FIVB World Championship features 24 teams from around the world competing for glory. The U.S. Girls U19 National Team’s impressive performance positions them as strong contenders for the prestigious title.

U.S. Girls U19 Roster

The skill and dedication of the U.S. Girls U19 National Team are reflected in the talent on their roster. The players hail from various regions across the country and have demonstrated their exceptional abilities through their performances in high school and college volleyball.


Q: Who did the U.S. Girls U19 National Team defeat to advance to the quarterfinals?

A: The U.S. Girls U19 National Team defeated the Dominican Republic in a convincing 3-0 victory.

Q: Who will the U.S. Girls U19 National Team face in the quarterfinals?

A: The U.S. Girls U19 National Team will face Brazil in the quarterfinals.

Q: When will the quarterfinal match take place?

A: The time of the quarterfinal match between the U.S. Girls U19 National Team and Brazil is yet to be announced.


The U.S. Girls U19 National Team’s resounding triumph against the Dominican Republic propelled them to the quarterfinals of the FIVB World Championship. Their dominant performance in various statistical categories, coupled with standout individual displays, attests to their exceptional skills and teamwork. As they prepare to face Brazil in the quarterfinals, the U.S. team remains focused and determined to continue their impressive campaign. With a roster brimming with talent and a passion for the sport, the U.S. Girls U19 National Team is poised for success in their quest for World Championship glory. Follow their journey through the official channels and witness volleyball at its finest.

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