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Girls 18s National Championship: The Ultimate Showcase of Volleyball Talent

Girls 18s National Championship

After a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, the highly anticipated USA Volleyball Girls 18s National Championship made its triumphant return in 2021. This prestigious tournament provided teams from across the country with a final opportunity to compete at the highest level. From April 23-25 in Columbus, Ohio, five remarkable teams emerged victorious, each crowned as champions in their respective divisions.

Premier Nebraska 18 Gold: Reigning Supreme in the Open Division

Premier Nebraska 18 Gold, representing the Great Plains Region, showcased their exceptional skills and determination, ultimately clinching the gold medal in the Open Division. In a thrilling final match, they overcame the formidable Adversity G18 Adidas from the Great Lakes Region, winning 2-1 (25-19, 19-25, 15-13). Head Coach Shannon Smolinski expressed immense pride in her team’s accomplishments, highlighting their resilience and ability to overcome adversity throughout the season.

VNebraska 18 Elite: Dominating the National Division

Another exceptional team from the Great Plains Region, VNebraska 18 Elite, demonstrated their strength and consistency by securing a perfect 9-0 record and claiming victory in the National Division.

MichioChicago 18 Natl: Triumph in the USA Division

Hailing from the Great Lakes Region, MichioChicago 18 Natl asserted their dominance with an unbeaten run and only three sets dropped. In the USA Division final, they emerged victorious against Vegas Aces 18 UnderArmour from the Southern California Region, triumphing with a score of 2-0 (25-20, 26-24).

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Madfrog 18’s N Green: Conquering the American Division

Despite a challenging start, Madfrog 18’s N Green from the North Texas Region showcased their resilience by bouncing back from an initial loss and ultimately winning the American Division. In a thrilling final match, they secured a 2-0 victory (25-21, 25-20) against Siesta Key Jrs 18 Charlie from the Florida Region.

NIVA 18 X: Patriot Division Champions

NIVA 18 X, representing the Hoosier Region, faced a setback in their first match, but they quickly regrouped and stormed through their subsequent matches, including the final. After a hard-fought battle against Legacy 18-1 adidas from the Lakeshore Region, NIVA 18 X emerged victorious with a 2-1 win (25-23, 14-25, 15-10). This remarkable achievement marked a fitting end to a memorable season for the NIVA team.


Q: What is the Girls 18s National Championship?
A: The Girls 18s National Championship is a highly competitive volleyball tournament that brings together elite teams from different regions of the United States.

Q: Who won the Open Division?
A: Premier Nebraska 18 Gold emerged victorious in the Open Division, showcasing their skill and determination.

Q: Are there any standout players from the tournament?
A: Yes, many players displayed exceptional talent throughout the tournament. Chloe Thomas from Madfrog 18’s N Green and Emma Best from MichioChicago 18 Natl were particularly notable for their outstanding performances.

Q: Where can I find the complete tournament results?
A: For a comprehensive overview of all the tournament results, visit Alpinetgheep.


The Girls 18s National Championship served as a remarkable display of talent, determination, and sheer passion for the sport of volleyball. Teams from various regions of the United States showcased their skills and left everything on the court. Congratulations to all the teams who participated and to the deserving champions who emerged victorious in each division. The tournament’s return was a true testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of the volleyball community.

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