Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Four More Olympians Joining U.S. Men for VNL in Bulgaria

The U.S. Men’s National Team is strengthening its roster for the upcoming round of Volleyball Nations League (VNL) in Bulgaria. Four Olympians have been added to the team, bringing their experience and skill to the competition.

A Successful Start

The U.S. Men’s team had an impressive performance in the first round of VNL in Brazil. They remained undefeated, including a surprise 3-0 victory over Brazil, one of the top teams in the world. This success has propelled them to first place in the standings and improved their world ranking from seventh to sixth.

The Return of Olympians

Kylie Ensing, Thomas Jaeschke, Aaron Russell, and David Smith, who all competed in the 2022 Olympics in Brazil, are back on the roster for the VNL in Bulgaria. These athletes have proven their abilities on the international stage and will undoubtedly be assets to the team.

Key Players to Watch

Aaron Russell, one of the leading scorers in the tournament, has been instrumental in the team’s success. He currently ranks 10th among all VNL competitors with 58 points in four matches. Along with his scoring prowess, Russell has also displayed excellent serving and reception skills.

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New Additions to the Roster

Joining the team for the first time are T.J. DeFalco, Garrett Muagututia, Erik Shoji, and Mitch Stahl. These talented players bring a fresh perspective and add depth to the roster. Their contributions will be crucial in maintaining the team’s momentum in the tournament.

Aiming for Redemption

After a challenging season in 2021, where they finished seventh at VNL and 10th at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the U.S. Men’s team is determined to bounce back. Their silver medal finish at the 2019 VNL and bronze at the FIVB World Cup demonstrates their potential for success.


1. What is VNL?

Volleyball Nations League (VNL) is an annual men’s volleyball tournament involving the top national teams from around the world. It is a prestigious competition that showcases the best talents in the sport.

2. How can I watch VNL matches?

All VNL matches are available for streaming on VolleyballWorld.tv, a subscription-based service.


With the addition of four Olympians to their roster, the U.S. Men’s National Team is well-prepared for the upcoming round of VNL in Bulgaria. Their previous successes and determination make them a formidable force in the competition. As they continue their journey, fans can expect thrilling matches and exceptional performances from this talented team.