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Four Beach Athletes Recognized with FIVB Postseason Awards

Four American beach volleyball athletes have been honored with postseason awards for their exceptional performances on the FIVB World Tour. Olympian Phil Dalhausser, in particular, was recognized as the men’s Most Outstanding Player, highlighting his impressive skills on the sand.

Phil Dalhausser Shines on the World Tour

Phil Dalhausser, along with John Hyden, April Ross, and Sara Hughes, received end-of-season accolades from the FIVB for their outstanding achievements on the 2017 World Tour. Dalhausser, with a total of 30 postseason awards, claimed three titles, including the men’s Most Outstanding Player, Top Blocker, and Best Offensive Player. His dominance in the sport is evident; he has been named Most Outstanding Player four times, Top Blocker seven times, and Best Offensive Player five times. Notably, Dalhausser has received an FIVB award every year since 2006. This year, he and his partner Nick Lucena secured three gold medals, one bronze, and emerged as the World Tour Finals Champions.

Rising Stars Make Their Mark

Sara Hughes, a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, earned the Top Rookie award, becoming the third U.S. woman to achieve this honor. While she had previous experience on the FIVB World Tour, this season marked her full-time professional debut in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, April Ross, an Olympic athlete, received her ninth FIVB postseason award, specifically for Best Server. This recognition marked her third consecutive win in this category after a successful 2017 season, which included a silver medal at the FIVB Beach World Championships with her partner Lauren Fendrick.

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John Hyden’s Inspirational Journey

John Hyden, in his seventh year on the FIVB World Tour, earned his first postseason award by being named the men’s Most Inspirational player. He joins four other U.S. Olympians who have received this prestigious honor. Hyden’s transition from indoor volleyball to the beach has been remarkable, with six podium finishes throughout his career. Known for his tenacity and hard work, Hyden’s relentless pursuit of excellence sets him apart. As he puts it, “For me, it’s grit. I utilize my strengths and work tirelessly at my weaknesses. I may not ‘wow’ you, but on any given day, I can beat you. So if you see me on the opposite side of the net, be ready because I’m giving it my all. That’s all I’ve got, grit.”

It’s worth noting that the United States boasts a total of 95 FIVB postseason awards, the second-highest number behind Brazil, who leads with 111.

2017 FIVB Award Winners


  • Most Outstanding Player: Laura Ludwig, Germany
  • Best Setter: Larissa Franca, Brazil
  • Best Hitter: Kira Walkenhorst, Germany
  • Best Server: April Ross, USA
  • Best Rookie: Sara Hughes, USA
  • Best Blocker: Sarah Pavan, Canada
  • Best Offensive Player: Larissa Franca, Brazil
  • Best Defensive Player: Laura Ludwig, Germany
  • Most Improved Player: Melissa Humana-Paredes, Canada
  • Most Inspirational Player: Laura Ludwig, Germany
  • Sportswoman of the Year: Laura Ludwig, Germany


  • Most Outstanding Player: Phil Dalhausser, USA
  • Best Setter: Bartosz Losiak, Poland
  • Best Hitter: Alexander Brouwer, Netherlands
  • Best Server: Evandro Goncalves, Brazil
  • Best Rookie: Anders Mol, Norway
  • Best Blocker: Phil Dalhausser, USA
  • Best Offensive Player: Phil Dalhausser, USA
  • Best Defensive Player: Viacheslav Krasilnikov, Russia
  • Most Improved Player: Sam Pedlow, Canada
  • Most Inspirational Player: John Hyden, USA
  • Sportsman of the Year: Alvaro Filho, Brazil
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Q: How many awards did Phil Dalhausser receive?
A: Phil Dalhausser received three awards: Most Outstanding Player, Top Blocker, and Best Offensive Player.

Q: Who won the Top Rookie award?
A: Sara Hughes, a rising star in the beach volleyball scene, earned the Top Rookie award.

Q: How many FIVB postseason awards does the United States have?
A: The United States has a total of 95 FIVB postseason awards, the second-highest number among all countries.


In summary, four exceptional beach volleyball athletes, Phil Dalhausser, John Hyden, April Ross, and Sara Hughes, have been recognized for their remarkable performances on the FIVB World Tour. Phil Dalhausser, in particular, showcased his exceptional skills by winning three awards, including Most Outstanding Player. Sara Hughes, as a new player in the professional circuit, was named Top Rookie. April Ross received her ninth FIVB postseason award for Best Server, while John Hyden earned his first postseason accolade as the men’s Most Inspirational player. These athletes’ dedication and impressive achievements on the sand have solidified their positions as top contenders in the sport. To learn more about beach volleyball and follow these incredible athletes’ journeys, visit