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Fort Lauderdale to Host Beach High Performance Championship

Beach Volleyball

The USA Volleyball’s Beach High Performance Championship is making its way to the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2021. This exciting event will provide an opportunity for selected players to train with top coaches from July 26-28, followed by competitive matches from July 29-31.

Elevating Beach Volleyball Talent

The 2021 Beach High Performance Championship is the inaugural event of the USAV Beach National Team Development Program (NTDP) Training Series. This series aims to develop players by giving them the chance to train and compete against the best in the country. Over the years, players from various regions, international teams, and regional high-performance teams have participated in the Beach HP Championships.

Beach Volleyball Training

A Pathway to Success

The Beach HP Championship has been a stepping stone for many players who have gone on to represent USA Volleyball internationally. Audrey and Nicole Nourse, who have competed on the FIVB World Tour, and Devon Newberry, Lindsey Sparks, Tim Brewster, and John Schwengel, who all played in the Youth Olympic Games, are some of the notable names. This event provides a unique opportunity for teams to compete against top USAV regions, international opponents, and NTDP teams.

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Trained by the Best

The Beach HP Championship will not only offer competition but also quality training sessions with renowned beach coaches. Olympian Stein Metzger from UCLA, Russell Brock from LSU, Brad Keenan from Arizona State, and Andrew Fuller from Stanford are among the top coaches who will be sharing their expertise with the participants.

How to Compete

To be a part of the Beach HP Championship, girls in the under-15 to U19 divisions and boys in the U16 to U19 divisions will be identified through USA Volleyball’s NTDP Scouting. Selected athletes will receive invitations starting in May, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills on this prestigious stage.


Will there be age divisions for the Beach HP Championship?

Yes, the girls’ age divisions range from under-15 to U19, while the boys’ divisions include U16 to U19.

How are participants selected for the Beach HP Championship?

Participants are chosen through USA Volleyball’s NTDP Scouting, and selected athletes will receive invitations starting in May.

What is the significance of the Beach HP Championship?

The Beach HP Championship provides a platform for players to compete against top USAV regions, international opponents, and NTDP teams, offering valuable development opportunities.


The Beach High Performance Championship in Fort Lauderdale is set to be an exciting event that brings together talented players and top coaches. With its focus on developing future beach volleyball stars, this championship is an important step towards fostering a robust pipeline of Olympic talent. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness the beach volleyball stars of tomorrow. For more information and updates, visit Alpinetgheep.

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