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Florida Dominates the 2016 HPCs

Florida emerged as the big winner at the 2016 High Performance Championships, claiming an impressive three gold medals, along with one silver and one bronze. The tournament, held in Fort Lauderdale, showcased some thrilling matches across various divisions, highlighting the talent and competitiveness of the teams.

Girls’ Youth Division: A Hard-Fought Victory

One of the most electric wins of the event came in the Girls’ Youth Division, where Iowa GIY pushed Team Florida GIY to the brink in a five-set thriller. Despite Iowa’s strong rally from 14-11 down, Florida managed to hold them off and secure a 17-15 victory in the final set. It was a nail-biting match that showcased the determination and resilience of both teams.

Women’s International Juniors: Team Florida’s Dominance

In the Women’s International Juniors final, Team Florida showcased their dominance, defeating USA High Performance Junior A1 Red in straight sets. Led by division MVP T’ara Ceasar, who recorded 19 kills and five aces, Team Florida’s powerful attack proved too much for their opponents. Ceasar’s impressive performance throughout the tournament made her nearly unstoppable.

Boys’ Youth National: SCVA Youth National Emerges Victorious

SCVA Youth National from Southern California claimed the gold in the Boys’ Youth National division after a commanding performance against Team Florida. With opposite hitter Collin Shannon leading the charge with 18 kills and five blocks, SCVA showed their true potential. Despite a rocky start from both teams with errors, SCVA settled quickly and capitalized on Florida’s mistakes to secure their victory.

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Q: Which team won the most gold medals at the 2016 High Performance Championships?

A: Florida emerged as the top-performing region, winning three gold medals at the tournament.

Q: Who was the MVP of the Women’s International Juniors final?

A: T’ara Ceasar, from Team Florida, was named the MVP of the division due to her outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

Q: Which team emerged victorious in the Boys’ Youth National division?

A: SCVA Youth National from Southern California claimed the gold in the Boys’ Youth National division.


Florida stole the show at the 2016 High Performance Championships, securing three gold medals and solidifying their dominance in various divisions. From intense battles in the Girls’ Youth Division to Team Florida’s powerful performance in the Women’s International Juniors, the tournament showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition. SCVA Youth National’s victory in the Boys’ Youth National division further highlighted the caliber of teams present at the event. Florida’s success at the tournament is a testament to their skills and dedication. Visit for more sports news and updates.